Sunday, March 14, 2010

Kittens are earth-friendly

It has been really freaking cold in Florida lately. (People in snowy states, please do not throw things at me!)

Also, I am really, really broke. So I have been trying to use my heat a bit less, because my electric bill was like $200 this month, and I live in a 700-sq ft apartment! That is just sillyness!

Also also, I have been sick, so I have spent lots of time in bed. The other day I figured out the obvious solution- in order to cut down on the trauma of having to leave my comfy bed for the cruel, cold outside world of the rest of my apartment, I just took to wearing my blaket around the house:

This girl is sick, please send her Cadbury eggs. And some major under-eye concealer!
Of course, Cricket sees my blanket and thinks that means we are playing a giant, portable game of Kitty Fort!

The bonus, of course, is that she also genearates heat, so I think I will keep her under here with me!


V said...

LOLOL. You are so funny, New to your blog <3 excited to read more. (ps. Thanks for the add and comment)

Anonymous said...

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