Saturday, March 13, 2010

Orlando Apts, vol. 1

So, my lease is up in April. I thought it was May 10, actually spent the past 13-ish months thinking that, but got a little note on my door the other day informing me otherwise. Don't worry,it was only a tiny nervous breakdown!

I haven't totally decided what to do yet. Options thus far are:

a) Renewing my lease. I love my apartment, but this is a bad idea, because my rent is going up, and I am already surviving on bread and water (ok, oreos and coffee), and am eighty five billion dollars in debt. But on the plus side for renewing here, moving SUCKS, and sometimes it is worth any feat to avoid it!

b) Finding a new place to live

This is slightly preferable to, say, being eaten alive by wolverines while being forced to listen to Taylor Swift on repeat. I imagine that in some parts of the world, apartment shopping is a painless, possibly even pleasant experience. However, if you live where I do, pretty much every apartment either looks like this:

Or this:

There is not a lot of middle ground. And guess which category I am closer to affording? Yeeeah.

c) Moving back home for the summer. This is the kind of very crazy, kind of very scary, but kind of very appealing option. I've had health issues out the wazoo lately- I have basically been sick since like November, other than a few good weeks here and there. It is not fun. I have been so stressed and exhausted that going back to my ginormous old apartment where I can live rent and utility free (With actual FURNITURE! And TV! And internet!! Yes, I live like a caveman here.) However, it means probably losing my job, a crazy move, and missing a lot of people for a while. On the other however (totally not a real phrase), it also means five or six months of using money that would go towards rent to actually catch up on bills, and save up enough to move back to O-Town in the fall, and actually be able to do it right this time (like, with a couch! And food!)

Given that whether I pick B or C, I will eventually need to find somewhere new to live here, I have started apartment hunting online again. It is delightful. Except not. So I am thinking, maybe if I post my experiences on this here great big ol' internet, maybe some poor soul trying to do the same thing I once did (ie find a place to live here from 1000+ miles away) will stumble across it and actually get some use?

So, I set out on Wednesday to check out the Vinings at Westwood. However, I never found it, which is incredibly pathetic, because I have BEEN THERE BEFORE. However, I accidentally stumbled upon Cumberland Park in my lost wanderings, so let's look at that one instead!

This apartment place, dear friends, should serve as a lesson. DO NOT look at places you can not afford. Just like when you try on $298475927845 shoes, knowing your bank account contains exactly $11, and then you mourn the shoes for many months. This place is totally not in my budget (one bedrooms are like $890), but I WANT TO LIVE THERE NOW. Why?

1) It's gated. I'm big on gates, after the Great Apartment Break-Ins of 2008 and 2009! However, unlike my current community, there is a sidewalk that BYPASSES the gate, so while you can't drive in if you don't live there, you can totally walk in. Kinda dumb!

2) It's close to everything.

3) They have a freaking movie theatre in the main building. Their gym has actual free fitness classes. There is a game room with billiards and darts and chess and stuff. There is a hot tub. Did I mention the movie theatre? That you can bring your own dvds to and play on the big screen? Hello best free date night EVER!

Just add booze and a live band and it is like somewhere I would normally hang out!

No, I wasn't kidding about the movie theatre. And it has a popcorn machine!

4) The one bedroom is ginormous.

I stole this floorplan from their site, but whatever, they are getting free advertising. In fact, they should totally give me a free apartment for 6 months or so in return, don't you agree?

I went to look at the model, and kinda wanted to just stay.

This photo is not mine, I was just amused that their website had one almost identical to mine!

weird fact- You know how most model apartments have a bowl of fake fruit, or a plate of cookies or bowl of candy or something out in the kitchen to make it look homey? This one had a plate of kashi granola bars, which are my current obsession. The thing is, I never know the protocall here- is it ok to take one? (I did not. Totally should have.)

The bedroom was surprisingly small compared to the rest of the apartment. King bed with little nightstand on each side took up pretty much all the room. But the ceiling fan did have a light built in, which is a big FL apartment plus!

This one bedroom did not have a patio/balcony. If it did, the room would end about where the sofa does and the balcony would start there. I'm not sure which I would pick- balcony or giant living room?

Not pictured: GIANT closet that is actually oddly located in the bathroom, which is pretty much the most convenient thing EVER, since that is where all my clothes end up anyway.

You can't see it here, but that screen on the left is a full-size screen, covering the water heater. I wish I could have conveyed the giantness of the laundry room in this pic- must start taking my wide-angle lens on apartment hunts!

5) Their trash cans outside each apartment for the valet trash look like little benches, with seats that flip up for you to stick the bags in. My trash can here looks like a trash can.

6) I always seem to want what I can't have.

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Megan said...

I hope you don't decide to move back! I'll miss you!

Have you considered looking into studio/efficiency apartments? I don't know how common they are in that area, but maybe you could find something a little more affordable then. Good luck with the search!