Friday, March 19, 2010

Petty Parking Pet Peeves

There are a couple of parking lot faux pas that make me totally crazy-go-nuts, but that I seem to encounter almost every time I go grocery shopping lately..

a) People who sit in their car behind a car that is loading purchases, waiting for their spot, for several minutes. There is an empty spot like FIVE spaces down, you could be parked and already in the store in the time you are wasting sitting there! Plus, you are blocking the entire row!

b) At night, people who sit in the car in the parking spot with their lights on. As in one person goes in the store, and the other stays in the car... a scenario that would be totally fine if they didn't leave their lights on so it looks like they are about to back up any second- very annoying if you need to drive past them, but aren't sure if they are about to back into you!

However, on the plus side, I made an awesome new discovery. Right by the Publix entrance, they have cute little premade shopping lists that you can take home and fill in! They probably won't replace my Homer Simpson notepad that sticks to my fridge, but I grabbed a bunch anyway, because I am very easy to amuse.

I finally added the Google friend connect follower gadgety thing, so be one of the cool kids and follow me!

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