Thursday, March 18, 2010

Random updates

Warning! Seriously non-cohesive post ahead!

So, first, I think I totally forgot to mention here that I have black hair now. Um, oops? I was at Target last month, and decided to give in to my recent desire for chocolately brown hair (quite festive for winter), and decided it was meant to be when I saw they were having a big ol' sale on hair dye. I selected a shade that SHOULD have been a warm darkish brown... and it ended up BLACK.

A fairly long chain of expletives spewed from my lips when I finished washing the dye out, but then I decided that it's pretty rock n roll, so I'll just rock it for a while. Thankfully, it is already starting to fade, and I am already pondering golden brown with highlights for Spring. Sorry, hair follicles, better luck next life.


I probably should have put makeup on before taking pictures. Sorry 'bout that!

The fun part is that eye makeup colors look TOTALLY different. I can pull off purple eyeliner now, which I never could with red hair. I still want my redheadedness back ASAP, though!

Next- back on the 5th the awesome local Orlando band Ambertone put on a fabulous Haiti benefit show at House of Blues, which they were cool enough to send me free tickets for. And then send MORE free tickets when I asked. That's love! I ended up going with my friend Megan, who is in from out of town. (Hi!) I'd just had a ROUGH week, and she kindly listened to me while about it while I applied grape vodka directly to my sorrows. And then we ever so delicately elbowed our way up front to watch boys with guitars.

At the end, Greg tossed out roses, and I may have kicked a few asses to get one. Reminds me of my oldest sister's wedding where I totally fought another little girl for the boquet. Think I'm kidding?

After punching people for pretty flowers, we headed upstairs to socialize with the boys. Of course, I have this terrible superpower where if I just stand around rockstars flock to me and beg for photos. Tough life.

(Ok, so maybe I asked them...I'll never tell!)

The boys put on a fantastic show! Check them out on iTunes or Myspace, or the video I uploaded to YouTube of their Live cover at the last show by clicking here! (Yes, Dude In Front Of Us is reeeeally having a good time.)

Actually, I take that back. I mostly just uploaded the I Alone vid for Megan, but if you are new here, you should check out this video of My Disaster instead, since it is one of their songs, and the sound quality on the cover song video is kinda sucky.

Ummm, pardon the fact that the two videos have different guitarists. That happens a lot.

On a totally unrelated note, (Shocker, I know), there are a couple of ads I've seen online lately that I can't help commenting on. The first...

EVERY single time I see this, I expect the next frame to show the baby pointing in the bag and shrieking "THERE HE IS! I FOUND HIM!" I mean, look at the kid's face! It totally says "Whoa, there's like... um... God... in mom's brown paper bag!" I'm pretty sure this makes me a horrible person.

And then we have this delightful specimen:

Is it just me, or does Poor Mr Boyfriend TOTALLY not want to be won back?

HAH, I am now caught up with all the things I wanted to post about! I've been home sick for like TWO WEEKS, and other than an upper respritory doo-dad, I don't know what's wrong with me. You know how sometimes if you stay up for like 24 hours, you hit this wall of total, complete fatigue where you can barely move? That has been me for over a week. FUN! Waiting on blood test results to find out if I am turning into a zombie. Crap, I totally don't have makeup to match zombie!

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Megan said...

That's me! I'm totally the girl in pink next to you! :)