Thursday, April 08, 2010

When all else fails, blog about shoes.

Warning: If you are a big fan of posts where I drool over $2000 Ann Demeulemeester boots and lovely red-soled Louboutins, this post might break your heart!

If you've ever been to the Disney parks with me though, you will totally understand. And gheez, I needed a fluffy post so that my depressing last one wasn't sitting at the top of the blog forever!

These have been my theme park shoes for the past whole lotta years. Crocs makes super comfy shoes, and thankfully they have moved past the original style clogs:

They have SO MANY choices now, it was fun to poke around! I think my current leaders for theme park shoe replacements are the following:

This style is called Laguna, and they are marked down to ten dollars! Woot woot, shoes I can (almost, eventually) afford!

This style is called Cabana , and yeah, they aren't practical for the parks, but they are kinda cute! Perfect with little summer sundresses that are too casual for heels, but you want something a little more heely than flip-flops!

The Melbourne style in sky/navy. Since I almost always wear jeans to the parks, it's hard to go wrong with blue!

And finally the Crocsband flip in bubblegum (and maybe another pair in black?) because I am girly and can not resist bubblegum pink flip-flops!

After some poking around through the non-flip flop sections of the site, I discovered that they now also make BOOTS! Behold!

If these are any kind of comfy, they would be awesome to wear to concerts, where I always fight the look cute vs be able to feel my toes at the end of the night battle. (Look cute always wins.)
The style is called Exitosa, but they are $199 so umm... yeah, I'll have to pass. But how fun are the silver and red versions?

I also found these, called Nanook. These look sooooo comfy, almost like bunny slippers! I wonder if I could get away with wearing the black ones at work?

Any other recommendations for comfy theme park adventuring shoes?

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KK said...

Your blog is so cute! I saw your post on 20sb about your "girly blog" and decided to check it out!

I love love love my croc flip flops. They are super comfy! I have the first pair you posted up. And yes, I have worn them to Disney...