Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Awesome? Not awesome?

10 Awesome Things about Spending the Summer Back Home

1. I get to hang out with my cat! Um, and my mom and other family, but mostly, CAT!!! TALLULAH!

2. NO RENT! No electric bill! Squee!

3. There is furniture! And a washer/dryer! And internet! And a TV! (Living in FL has turned me into a Beverly Hillbilly!)

4. I get to miss the majority of the months that are NOT the most fun times of year to work at a major theme park in Florida. Latin Tour Group Season? Sorry, I won't be here!! Hurricane season? Missing almost all of it! All those months that children are out of school, and thus all up in my business? Sorry, half a country away! Days that it is so flipping hot outside that your face melts off the second you step out the door? BYE!

Not So Awesome Things about Not Spending the Summer in FL

1. There are certain people that I am going to miss, a LOT. This could pretty much be the only thing on the list, and be enough.

2. What do you mean I can't just pop over to Epcot on my day off??

3. The ocean is HOW FAR AWAY from Missouri???

4. Although I am trying to convince myself that all of my favorite local bands will just take like half the year off while I am not here, the sad truth is that I am going to miss a bunch of shows! You people better show up with cameras, and youtube every last second for me! Start with sound check, boys with audio equipment are sexy.

5. It has been flippin' COLD here!!

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Jenny said...

I hope you enjoy living at home despite missing everyone. It's just for a short while and I'm sure the weather will start getting warmer.