Thursday, April 01, 2010

It Might Get Loud

(Pardon the annoying intro, I couldn't find a vid of just the trailer that would let me embed! And YIKES that's a creepy screencap!)

So, my new plan in life is to marry The Edge. I think we will be very happy together.

I've wanted to see this documentary since before it came out, and never caught it while it was in theaters. Amazingly, you can now get it from Redbox!! (I heart Redbox so hardcore!) I actually had an argument with a friend over whether or not Jack White deserved to be in a film with two guitarists of such iconic status, but watching this gave me way more respect for him, and now I think he's kinda a genius. I was fascinated by what he said about approaching playing like a battle, like he's fighting with the guitar. So very different from what you usually hear! Plus, I just like sitting around listening to The Edge talk. And Jimmy Page is... well, JIMMY FREAKING PAGE. I must own it on DVD ASAP!

Amazon has it for like$20 . Totally worth it to see Jimmy Page play air guitar, but I think I'm going to have to wait till the price drops a bit. Or until I marry The Edge and he gives me a free one. (Especially since I failed to get it back to Redbox before 9pm, and the extra $1 charge made me overdraft, so renting it essentially cost me $37. OUCH! Edge should totally buy me dinner. Yeah, I'm dropping the "the" and going all one-word basis with him, now that we are engaged and all.)

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