Monday, May 17, 2010

Crazy Cat Lady update

Yesterday sucked. I woke up to my cat, Tallulah, pooping and throwing up everywhere. Poor kitty! She seems to get like this a few times a year, and we've taken her to the vet several times for it. It usually lasts a few hours and then she is ok, but it sucks in the meantime!

I spent from 9am until 2pm cleaning up after her, and trying to comfort her. Poor kitty and poor Crystal! After all those hours of scrubbing floors Cinderella-style, I came downstairs (to my apartment, where my other two cats are currently living until we get them introduced to the others), sat down at the computer to relax, and I kid you not, FIVE minutes later, my cat Cricket was throwing up. I freaked out, worried that she had whatever Tallulah had, but then I saw that she had thrown up a RIBBON. I'm in the process of cleaning up the apartment downstairs- I lived here for several years before I moved to Florida, and my mom has been using it as storage for the three years I've been gone. Thus, there is stuff EVERYWHERE. Want my research paper from high school? Here ya go! I've been trying to dig through it all, but it's a slow process. Amidst the mess, Cricket found a piece of ribbon about a foot long, and apparently ate it. I'm thankful it came back UP instead of getting stuck in her digestive system, but I couldn't help but crack up at the irony of TWO barfing kitties in one day. I am totally getting kicked out of the crazy cat lady club!

I decided to give Tallulah a bath last night, since she was pretty messy from her day-o-poop. She's never had a bath before, so I was worried about how it would go. I filled the tub with a few inches of hottish water (cats have warmer body temperatures than us, so you want it warm, just below being hot), and then just popped her into the tub. She stared at me wide-eyed for a second like "WHAT the flying fuck are you doing to me?" but then she kinda figured it out, and was more "Oh, ok, I get it. Just get it over with." She let me scrub her up, but apparentl lost patience after a few minutes, because she ended up just laying down in the tub. So cute! She laid around on a towel on the floor for a while after, looking fairly proud of herself.

Today has thankfully been cat bodily functionless, unless you count purring. However, I checked my bank account online, only to find that the loan payment that I had called up to postpone was charged to me anyway. So now I have to fax the loan company my bank statement, and wait for them to fix it, and hope the check I wrote the cable company for installation (YAY, I have internet and TV!) doesn't bounce in the meantime. I'm annoyed that I have to literally use my last dollar to send the fax, when it is the company's error. Weren't things supposed to get all easy if I moved home?

Coincidentally, today is also my two older cats' birthday! Technically it is just Tiger Lily's, but I don't know what day Tallulah was actually born, so we just celebrate them on the same day. So I will just close out this whiny, poorly-written post with cute kitten photos, and you will still like me anyway.

Tallulah Jane, the One Kitten to Rule Them All

Tallulah as a baby, 2002

Tiger Lily as a baby, 2003. I can't find a good adult pic of her, will have to take some!

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V said...

Oh EM GEE!!!!!! Your kitty is so adorable! and that sucks about her getting sick :( She looks like a big cat. lol