Thursday, May 27, 2010

Holy bad photoshop, Batman!

Found on Jezebel:

I google imaged the model, Filippa Hamilton, and found proof that her head is not, in fact, larger than her pelvis:

The badly photoshopped image was originally posted on the awesome blog Photoshop Disasters, until the Ralph Lauren company threw a fit, and said something about sueing them for copyright infringement. Ummm, what??

The company later apologized for the image, but then this one turned up, too:

Does some photoshopper really not know the difference between a human body and a bobblehead?

Another photoshop disaster, via the blog of the same name, just because it amused me:

Well, I guess that's ONE way to lose ten pounds...

1 comment:

Tellie said...

Haha nice. Glad to see the first picture is indeed photoshopped because I would think it would be impossible to live if one were that skinny!