Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Why I am marrying The Edge, Part 2

Remember last month when I posted about how much I love the documentary "It Might Get Loud"? Imagine my delight when I was scrolling through the on demand movies on my snazzy new cable, and found it listed! I can watch it all I want! Well, till tomorrow, that is, since it seems to end then. I've been watching it in bits and pieces whenever I am bored. So much great music! The Edge is still my very favorite, of course. I expect him to propose to me any day now, just pop right out of the TV, guitar and all.

There's a part of It Might Get Loud where Edge is playing "Sunday Bloody Sunday" where he reminds me immeasurably of a friend of mine. Love it! 3 min 30 sec into this video is the part:

Bono is kinda oddly sexy in this.

The above pic is from an awesome clip towards the beginning where Edge is doing yoga while reading his Blackberry. I knew it was shot by Bono, but after some internetting, I found that it's actually from "A Day in the Life of The Edge", a little doo-dad Bono shot for Current TV. You can watch the whole video here. It includes a bathrobe-clad Edge hiding under the pillows when Bono wakes him up way too early, grumbling "I don't want to be on TV, YOU want to be on TV." Awesome. The blackberry yoga is still the best part.

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