Friday, June 04, 2010

Stuff I Totally Need Saturday #1

Stuff I Want Totally Need Saturday

I spend WAY too much time shopping online, so I thought I'd try out a weekly feature of stuff I find online that I love. Let me know if you like this or not, so I know how long to continue it!

The idea was inspired by my constant squeeing while I was browsing Urban Outfitters today.

Silence and Noise top, $38

I'm so in love with this top! The white is all floaty and summery, but I'd probably be more likely to wear the black. Plus the zipper is fun!

I am obsessed with maps. Thus, I NEED THIS. It's 8 ft tall, 13 ft wide, so it has the whole world, not just the North/South America pictured. Sadly, it's $140.

Rising Sun Chandeliers, $18

These look so similar to my old favorite pair of earrings that I used to wear all the time till I lost one!

Key Bracelet, $15

Um, hello, it's a key! It's a bracelet! I need it!

Kimchi Blue Lace Cami - $42
I wish this came in a color other than nude, but I still love it!

Collegiate striped arm tee, $28

I could pretend I am Rory Gilmore!

Animal Friends Spoon Mug Set, $24

It's a cat cup! With a little spoon! LOVE!

And last but not least...

Darth Vader Alarm Clock, $42

Apparently you get a choice of waking up to the radio, or a choice of Vader voices. What I want to know is... to snooze, do you whack Vader upside the head??

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Jenny said...

The zipper in the first shirt throws me a bit, but I absolutely love that cat mug and the the idea of a wall mural.