Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Workin' for a Mouse, Part 1

I was posting somewhere else about the process of getting hired to work for this guy:

and it got LONG, really fast, so I thought I'd post about it here instead.

On the last day of my October 2007 vacation, I was hanging out at the Polynesian Resort and decided ya know what? I'm just going to go for it, so I walked out to the taxis and asked one to take me to casting. (Hint- DO NOT DO THIS! It was a $20 taxi ride from the Polynesian to casting! You can take a bus to Downtown Disney marketplace, and casting is RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET!)

I am pretty sure that nowadays, you have to apply online before they will even see you at casting, but back in my day, you could just wander in all willy-nilly off the street, which is exactly what I did. I am not totally sure how it works now, but back in the day, there was a line to check in if you had an appointment, and one if you didn't, which is the one I hopped in. I waited probably about 10-15 min in line before I got to the front, where I talked to someone that I think I just had to give basic info to, and was given an application to fill out. While you are sitting around, they have videos about various lines of business playing on the TVs in the lobby. After you turn in your paperwork, you are taken to watch a video about the company in general, which I seem to remember feeling totally dorky for crying at. Then I waited around about half an hour, and was eventually called in for an interview.

Did I mention that I came over here pretty much straight from Animal Kingdom? You know how you look after a morning at Animal Kingdom? This is not the level of awesomeness that one should probably have going into a job interview, so I seem to recall throwing into the conversation that I had come over straight from the theme park, to explain my WDW t-shirt and flip-flops approach to interview attire, although everyone else there was pertty casual, too, so I didn't feel that out of place.

I really wish I remembered more details about the interview process for you guys, but it wasn't all that different from your basic job interview. After I talked to the first person about possible jobs (front desk, photopass, not sure what else I mentioned), they set me up to see another person for a front desk interview, so it was back to the lobby to hang around for about 15 more minutes.

I met with interviewer #2, and they explained to me about some different roles that fall under "Front Desk", like actual front desk cashier, concierge, and runner dispatch, and asked about my interest level in each. They asked me some questions that I can only guess were to gague my potential concierge awesomeness. One I remember was "If I wanted to go somewhere for a nice steak dinner tonight, where would you send me?" Basically I think they just wanted to know what level of Disney knowledge they were working with. They gave me the option to list specific resorts I wanted to work at, or just be open to the first available. I had actually thought a lot in the past about which resorts would be the most fun to work at, but I ended up leaving it open to interview for any that became available, with a preference for certain ones. Let me tell you now, in retrospect, that I am SO GLAD I did this!

We have to skip around in the timeline here for this to make sense. I told them when I interviewed that I didn't live here yet, but was planning to move in December. After my front desk interview, they told me to call about 2 weeks before I was ready to officially move, and they would let me know what was open. I did, and as luck would have it, there were NO front desk spots open at the time! I asked the person on the phone where they could stick me until something opened up, and I was given a choice of quick service foods, or attractions.
If I remember right, QS starting pay is about 25 cents more per hour than attractions, but attractions just sounded more fun, so I went with that, and found out I would be working in Tomorrowland!

Part 2 to follow!

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