Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Can't sing but I've got SOUL.

WARNING! Major fangirl ramblings ahead!

I got this in the mail today:


Can I tell you that I totally cried during the first two songs, of this dvd? This was shot back in 2001 when Bono's dad was dying, when he was flying back and forth to Ireland, when he was in the middle of a time that I personally have experienced as totally sucky. And when he walks out on stage, it shows. Bono, my kindred free spirit, is dragging. He has a huge weight on his shoulders. He looks like a man showing up to do a job. And so of course, the goal.. is elevation, which is also the first song.

"I need you to elevate me here"

You can take the lyrics of Elevation a lot of ways, but here, he literally needs the crowd's energy to elevate him. It's that beautiful symbiotic relationship between audience and band, each drawing from the energy and love of the other. It seems like every U2 concert is part party, part protest, part church service, and you can see Bono literally praying for what he needs here.

"Love, lift me up out of these blues
Won't you tell me something true?
I believe in you"

And it works. You can actually visibly see a weight being lifted off of Bono during the second song, Beautiful Day. He's soaking up all that beautiful energy, all that soul, and by the end of the song, he's Bono, running through the audience screaming "SOUL!!!"

I had to keep taking breaks from watching the U2 360 tour dvd because it was freaking overwhelming. I know that makes me sound like the biggest nerd ever, but I was all "AHHHH!!! EDGE!! AND LARRY LIKE... STOOD UP TO PLAY DRUMS! AND WHEEEEEEEEEE!!" I would literally watch like 2 songs and then pause it and go freak out to Katie on IM. (Oh, patient friend!) With this dvd, I again found myself pausing it after two songs because I had tears in my eyes, was so overwhelmed with emotion. I've never met Bono, may never meet him, but he has such a place in my heart. I know a lot of people hate him. I know he says a lot of stupid things. HE knows he says a lot of stupid things. But there's something I love so much about his fearlessness, the poetry of his words, his energy. Edge is obviously the one I'd want to make adorable Edgeling babies with, but Bono's the one I want to sit around in a bar all night drinking and talking with. So when I turned this DVD on and saw him so NOT BONO at the beginning, I thought "Oh, crap." But even just watching him during the first two songs was so emotional, you can read so much in his face, in his voice, in his movement.

By the 3rd song (End of the World), it's fucking ON. It includes one of my favorite moments,
represented here in this lovely painting:

Oh, fine, this painting is from a different show, but same idea.

Also, Edge is wearing jeans with his name written in glitter on his ass. Just sayin'.

Stuck in a Moment is so different, I think Bono's not fully letting it in, it would be too hard. But watching Edge sing, eyes closed... yeah. The next song is Kite, though, a song about losing someone you're not ready to let go of... and it's all there.

I love the heart-shaped stage from this tour. The 360 claw-spaceship is pretty awesome, but it's so BIG. Sometimes it feels like the band members are like half a mile apart. The Elevation tour stage feels more intimate. I get the reasoning behind the new stage, but it's nice to see the boys physically in the same space.

Hee. This is also the DVD where Edge throws down a guitar and kicks it. Seeing my meditating, yoga-doing, zen-like calm Edge flip out is... kinda hot. I heart rockstars! Here's a bit about it from

Why is the Edge slamming his guitar to the ground at the end of "Gone" during the June 2001, Elevation Boston DVD?

During a web chat The Edge answered this question from a fan by saying "Because we murdered the song."

That night in Boston it was evident that The Edge was having trouble with his guitar. From the perspective of being in the crowd in the heart it appeared that The Edge was unhappy with Larry ending the song earlier than The Edge had planned. After the incident with the guitar The Edge could be seen having words with Larry over at the drum kit.

The dvd doesn't show him talking to Larry, but when it comes up on Edge on the next song playing his Explorer, all I can think is thank goodness it wasn't THAT guitar he threw!

The lighting on "New York" is kinda kickass. It feels like a thunderstorm breaking out. So perfect. They fucking ROCK "I Will Follow". I think everyone's sadness and anger and fear and emotion is just shooting like lightning bolts out into guitar strings, bass strings, drum skins. It's kind of impressive to take a song you've been playing for like 20 years and make it sound fresh.

There's just something in the air this night. It kind of feels like a fistfight might break out at any second during the first half of the show. "I Know I'll Go Crazy" wasn't a song yet, but this is totally a "Sing for your sanity!" night.

I want to make out with whatever cameraman decided it would be a good idea to give us a zillion super close-up shots of Edge singing. THANK YOU. <3 <3 XOXOX.

I wish I could hear the world the way Bono does. Only he could find "Get up, stand up" in the rhythm of "Sunday Bloody Sunday."

They have four screens atop the stage that show one band member each for the most part. I keep saying they need to do a 4-disc concert dvd where the camera is on one band member for the entire time each disc. And probably a 5th disc cut in the traditional way. I'd totally watch a solid 90 min concert of nothing but Edge.

An encore of Bullet the Blue Sky followed by With or Without you followed by The Fly followed by Walk On = FOOKING BRILLIANT. LUCKY freaking girl Bono pulls up and LAYS DOWN ON STAGE with and cuddles. And I know I've posted to my blog before how much I motherfucking LOVE LOVE LOVE this performance of The Fly. It's the one where Bono bites some chick's wrist, and Edge plays the greatest guitar solo EVER and.... yeeeeeah. See my Things that make me Happy post a few days down. Watching this again just now inspired a bunch of paintings I want to do. Apparently The Fly is my muse these days because listening to it in the car about a week ago inspired a ginormous makeup project I'll tell you more about soon.

I should really watch this DVD on my computer and do screencaps to accompany this post, but I'm afraid if I watch it again too soon, my head will totally explode.

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