Saturday, July 31, 2010

Detrivore Cosmetics Review & Swatches

The samples I ordered from Detrivore Cosmetics came today! Wooohoo!

Basically, the company had me at their about page. In the beauty world of glamour and glitter, zombies are so refreshing. I mean, that page alone is enough to make you want to buy everything they offer, right?

I tried to reign myself in a bit, and started out with an order of 9 samples. Sample baggies from the original collection are $1/each, and full-sized jars are $3. That alone is pretty impressive in a market where most jars are $5-8. There is also a "satin collection" which does sell for $5 each due to going on thicker and being more pigmented. The samples of those are only $1, too, though. The matte collection is also $5 per jar/ $1 per sample.

There are currently 71 colors in the original collection, 32 in the matte collection, 21 in the satin collection, 11 highlights, and all kinds of other snazzy things like face powder and blush I haven't even gotten into looking through yet. SO MANY COLORS! Love.

First impression after receiving my order: I was impressed! I ordered 9 sample bags, and they sent me 3 extras! SCORE! They came packaged in your basic little padded envelope, which did include an invoice listing everything I ordered.

Here are the baggies I ordered:

Top row is Weaponry, Dagon, Ancient, Ectoplasma
Bottom row is Mildew, Contamination, Scar, Brine and Gangrene

And the three I recieved as free samples:

Next stop after squeeeing over the contents of my envelope was to go into researcher mode like a good reviewer. I pulled up Detrivore's website to compare the colors I recieved to how they appear on the site.

*Weaponry is a bit pinker than it appears on the site. The site calls it "a pinkish purple color", but I'd call it more of a purpleish pink. Which is kinda cool, because I think I like the color it is better than what's on the site.

*Killjoy is described as (and looks like) "a flat red color" on the site, but the sample I recieved is more rusty-colored, a bit of orange to it. Think "burnt sienna" crayon.

*Contamination & Famine (the browns) look nooooooothing like the site. Here's a comparison:

This is Contamination according to the site, while in person...

*The pic below is from Detrivore's site, and shows Scar applied wet (left) and dry (right). The sample I got looks exactly like the color on the left, which is kinda confusing, because the photo of the jar on the site looks like the color on the right.

*Gangrene was another big surprise!


*All of the other colors pretty much match the colors show in the site.

Shipping was pretty good. I ordered on the 24th, I think, and the USPS shows my shipping info as recieved on the 26th, with my stuff arriving on the 31st.

And now the most important part... swatches!! On the left is applied dry, right is applied wet.

Love these! Weaponry, Dagon and Ancient are all colors I would totally wear. I wish Scar showed up better here, it's such an interesting color! I think Bruise would be a better name, because it has that sort of multifaceted brown-purple going on. I doubt I'll ever really use Killjoy, but it's a fun sample to have.

As you can tell here, Contamination and Famine look noooothing like the chocolatey browns on the site. The wet swatch of Contamination actually dried to a kind of funky, chalky finish... not sure if there was something else on my brush or what. These would be easy to use for neutral looks, but I wouldn't have ordered them if I'd known they were this light.

Putrid is a pretty awesome dark green with just a hint of blue. It reminds me of a blue pine Christmas tree! And Ectoplasma is awesome. Very different from any other color I have, but not sooooo outrageous that I wouldn't be able to wear it on a normal day.

Gangrene didn't show up very well in my photos, but it is one of my favorites of the bunch, a nice pastel green. Mildew and Brine are VERY similar, Brine is just a little bit darker. You probably don't need both, but they are quite pretty!

One thing I really like about these colors is the shine. They are NOT super glittery or shimmery, but they do have just enough shine to catch the light in a really pretty way. I think that if these were both really shimmery AND so brightly colored, they'd be much less wearable, but the medium sheen is perfect.

I do plan to order from Detrivore again. I really want to try their eye primer, it looks amazing, so I'll probably get that plus a few more samples. I am setting a rule for myself that I'm not allowed to order a full sized jar of any of these until I totally use up the sample. The sample is enough for... I'd guess at LEAST a dozen applications, maybe up to 20 if you don't use a lot each time.

I do recommend this company, the shadows are great quality, and you get a pretty nice sized sample for $1. Plus the full-sized jars for $3 is a major steal. I would VERY much recommend ordering samples first, though, since I found quite a bit of difference between the site and reality in about half the colors I got. Shipping on samples is free, so knock yourself out. Ordering samples is also a great way to try out colors you don't usually wear. How would I look in bright yellow or deep aqua blue? Spend $1 and find out!

This video that I found on YouTube has swatches of almost EVERY color in the original line, which is pretty awesome. I have to mute it during the swatches, though, because the music is a little much. Excellent resource if you want to see what the colors really look like, though!

A video review by me soon, I hope!


Petra Opelova said...

Wow! They look amazing! Thanks for the honest review. Do you know if they ship them abroad?

Crystal said...

They ship internationally for $5. Not too bad!

Petra Opelova said...

Great! Thanks :)