Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A few more recent Crystal/Katie conversations of amusement...

Crystal: Remember a few days ago when I made tacos and then fell asleep?
Crystal: I mean... not that that narrows it down much...

(This was about an article I was attempting to write after about a week of no sleep. It was about camping in Washington State, and I kept writing Twilight stuff for my own amusement.)
Crystal: $5 says this article comes back for rewrites
Katie: did you take out the part about the vampires?
Crystal: I really hope so

Crystal: She set her clock for 3:30 so she could clean the house b/c her friend is coming at 7
Katie: just for the record
Katie: if you EVER come visit me at 7am
Katie: I will very like stab you
Crystal: If I ever come visit you at 7am, it means I am a zombie, and stabbing me won't hurt me.

Katie: there are two cavities in one tooth.. so i get charged by the hole, apparently.
Crystal: that's how hookers charge, too

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Katie said...

I just realized I could have used your blog as evidence to my dentist to PROVE they found two cavities and just forgot to fill one of the holes. Bitches.