Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I am a girl who loves makeup. A lot. I'm a pretty equal-opportunity makeup user... if it works, I'll love it forever. As a result, I'm totally willing to shell out $32 for the BEST eye makeup set EVER in the history of the universe, even though $32 will basically feed me for 2 weeks.

Despite my Sephora love, I like to pick up a $1 makeup item from Target or Wal-Mart now and then, just for the fun of the experiment. Sometimes they are totally unuseable, but sometimes you find something pretty good. Bonnie Bell eyeshadow sets are surprisingly good for $3.

I have a neutral colors set similar to this that I used to use for work a lot, so I could save my higher end stuff for going out. Everyone looks crappy in Disney costumes anyway, so no use in trying too hard.

Today, I came across a post about e.l.f. cosmetics and deicded to check out their site. I remember hearing about them when they came out, but I've never used them. In a suprising (for me, I'm SO. VERY. CHEAP. and careful with money) impulse buy, I decided to take advantage of their current promotion for free shipping on orders $25 and up. They also have a promotion going on where you can get 10 free mineral eyeshadows with orders over $20. Sadly, you can't combine the two. The 10 free eyeshadows is actually a much better deal, since they are $3 each, so that's $30 worth of free stuff instead of $7 worth of free shipping, but I already had a good $26 worth of stuff I wanted, so I went for free shipping. I think so many years of Super Saver Shipping on Amazon has made me almost physically impossible to pay money for shipping!

So I ordered $26 worth of stuff, which turned out to be 21 items. That, in technical terms, is a crapload of stuff. Almost everything they sell is $1, but I had a couple of $3 items in there. I tried to get a wide range of products: eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, lip gloss, eye brush, creme eyeshadow, nail polish, so I can give a wide range of reviews. I'm pretty excited to get everything, but from what I've read online, they are SLOW when it comes to shipping- the norm seems to be about 3 weeks to get your stuff. So in other words, I'll probably forget I ordered it by the time it comes, so it will be like Christmas!

I don't have my hopes TOO high though, because lets face it, this stuff is cheap. I'm totally expecting at least a couple of total duds in the group, but am also hoping for at least a few things I really love.

Once everything comes in, I'll post reviews and let you know how this whole $1 makeup thing works out!

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V said...

We have so many things in common! Including being cheap, loving make up and having a large chest area. LOL. And yes I have found (after a long extensive search) the best strapless bra for our size. Its the bio fit by VS. here's the link.


totally worth the dollar.