Sunday, July 04, 2010

Shoes: A Love Story

This is a magical tale of some really awesome shoes.

This is Edge. He plays gee-tar for a living. You can call him Mr. The Edge.

One day, Mr. The Edge felt like saving the world, so he designed some shoes for Converse to raise money for The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria.

Edge is all precise and mathematical-minded and genius and stuff, so his design is made up of 100 edges (hah!) of the Converse star.

One day, Crystal The Great decided she totally needed these shoes. They aren't made anymore, but that's what eBay is for. There was ONE pair. They were in Crystal The Great's size. EPIC SHOE WIN.

The Crystal waited a terribly, horribly, awfully, very long time for the stupid eBay seller to ship. Then, on a very magical day, the shoes arrived!

They were full of new shoe smell and hope.

Shoes must pass a rigorous 12-point inspection test.

Baby got back.

Why does this remind me of something?

Edge writing!

He even writes sexy!

The insides are the same pattern in red. SO COOL.

Edge is cooler than the rest of us, and has his own one of a kind pair all in red. Please note that he is such a rockstar he is wearing one red and one black lace. (This pic taken on Edge's cameraphone.)

Nom nom nom.

Edge auctioned off one of his pairs to raise money for Music Rising, his charity to help musicians in Louisiana who lost their insturments in Katrina. They sold for like $2000. I got mine for waaaay less, but as far as I know Edge never had his feet in mine. Sad.

Look, shoes give you guitar superpowers!!! My shoes are movie stars, appearing here in the documentary It Might Get Loud.

Do I have magical guitar superpowers now?

Shoes can be worn while leaning against a wall!

Shoes can be worn on fake wood stairs with a cat.

Shoes can be worn outside!

Shoes can be worn on old stairs!

Do we know anyone who likes posing with stuff on their head more than me? No?


And they all lived happily ever after.

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