Saturday, July 24, 2010


I'm thinking about a Target run tomorrow. Now that going to Target takes more than half an hour's journey, I feel the need to pregame on their website before I go. This particular trip, I have my eye on...

Is it lame to wear a Harvard shirt if you went to Drury? (and you know, by "went to" I obviously mean "took one semester of online classes before becoming totally bored.")

I want to try this on, just because it will either be REALLY cute on, or REALLY hilariously hideous, most likely the latter. I will do my best to get pics.

These are FIFTEEN DOLLARS. I am totally not kidding. <3>

I've been waiting for these to go on sale FOREVER. Hurry it up, Target! I neeeeds them, the precious!

Something that I came across while browsing the site that kinda freaked me out...

Can someone tell me if this is a) a freakisly realistic mannequin, b) REALLY bad photoshop, or c) an actual model who really, really needs a sandwich or twelve? I have pretty pokey-outey hipbones when I get too skinny, but you could cut a man with those! WTF?

While we're on the topic of Target, you should go over to *Viva La Fashion*, because she is giving away a $200 Target gift card!


Kellylou said...

I own those grey shoes!!! BEST. SHOES. EVER.

Crystal said...

Move close to me so I can borrow them frequently!