Sunday, August 08, 2010

Happy B-Day, Edge

Happy Birthday to one of my favorite guitarists ever, a guy who totally has a spot in my Top 5 Celebrity crush list, The Edge!!

This last pic appeared on the U2 boards I frequent a few days ago, right after it was taken. About two minutes later, after a quarter million posts asking "Does the Edge have BEES on his shirt??" this showed up:

I am totally going to start using that instead of my old standby, this:

Slightly off topic of His Edgyness's birthday, but still on topic of me being a giant nerd, these photos also showed up on the boards, providing a perfect example of why I love U2 so much. What other band would order dozens of pizzas for the mob camped outside listening to the soundchecks they were doing at the stadium a few days before the first show of the new leg of their tour?

I'm so excited to see Bono back and looking all healthy after his tour-postponing back surgery!

You can rest assured I thought of every pizza guy porn EVER after seeing this.

Larry can bring me pizza any day!

I looked through my YouTube favorites for the perfect video to celebrate Edge's b-day, and I had to go with this one for its pure Edgeness, the fact that it is under 2 minutes so you have no excuse to skip watching it and make me cry, and the fact that it contains a phrase I often quote, "It's the thing I'm most proud of, my modesty."

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V said...

Happy Birthday Edge! LOL & that picture of morgan freeman made me laugh out loud.