Monday, August 23, 2010

My Celebrity Playlist (Part 1)

I recently (ok, a few months ago?) discovered the Celebrity Playlist podcasts on iTunes. They are exactly what they sound like- celebs talking about songs they like. My favorite one is obviously The Edge's (squee!), because who doesn't want to listen to a hot dude with an Irish accent talk about music for 20 minutes? There are a bunch of them, though, from Lady GaGa to Slash to Mick Jagger & Keith Richards to Katy Perry. While I was listening to one, I started thinking about which songs I would put on my own Celebrity Playlist, should I happen to find myself suddenly so terribly popular that people wanted to know what I was listening to. So I made one.

In the actual Celebrity Playlists, they talk about a song and then play a clip of it. Since I'm doing this in blog form, I'm going to post YouTubes of each song instead. I'm going to limit this to 10 songs per post, to save your (and my) computers from falling over dead. Some of the artists I've listened to pick songs that everybody knows about anyway (GaGa has lots of Michael Jackson), but some pick some lesser-known songs and artists as a way to introduce them to their fans. I think that is way more awesome, so I tried to avoid songs that everyone totally already knows, and instead pick songs that I am in love with that you might not know about. So here we go! (This is part 1 of 2 or maybe 3.)

Reflecting Light- Sam Philips

I found this song on the episode of Gilmore Girls at the almost-end of season 4 when Lorelai and Luke dance at a wedding together, so it will always remind me of that.

Skullcrusher Mountain- Jonathan Coulton

This is the song that introduced me to JoCo, and it is awesome. There just aren't enough songs involving half pony/half monkey monsters these days, if you ask me.

Saiidi- Pentaphobe

I love Pentaphobe, and I love the Saiidi beat, so you have to love a combination of the two! Plus an old school performance by The Indigo! Rachel Brice is still pretty much the coolest dancer ev-er.

The Sky is Cryin'- Stevie Ray Vaughan

Reve Rouge- Cirque du Soleil La Nouba soundtrack

I love the whole La Nouba soundtrack, but I picked this video because it has the guy with the pecs. I've seen this show twice (both times for free- sometimes working for Disney Does Not Suck!) and it always kind of reminds me of what humans are capable of if we push ourselves. Plus, it's a visual delight. (see aforementioned shirtless dude.)

Electrical Storm- U2

You know I couldn't do a playlist without picking some U2. I wanted something that wasn't super-popular like Where the Streets Have No Name or With or Without You, but that I still love to bits and listen to a lot, so I went with Electrical Storm. This song appeared on the Best Of album, but no regular album, although it was recorded during the making of All That You Can't Leave Behind. The video to the song was directed by Anton Corbijn, who has photographed the band for about a zillion years, and features drummer Larry Mullen Jr which is.... unusual, to say the least. I'm not calling Larry unusual, just the non-Bono focused video. Plus, I think Harry Potter's dad's patronus makes a cameo in the video. (See 2:53, I totally mean it, fo' realz.)

Although, as hot (and never-aging in a creepy Dorian Gray way) as Larry is, there is a serious lack of Edge in this video. I mean, 3 minand 15 seconds of NO EDGE? WHY did I say I liked this again? Oh, I was talking about the song, not the video. At least when Edge does show up, he's wearing a cowboy hat and a tight-ish white t-shirt, so that's pretty ok. (By pretty ok I mean HAWT.)

I would have posted a live version instead, but they've only played this live like three times ever ever in the whole history of the universe. What's up with that? I like this song! Play it already! I should go on Twitter and ask Edge why they don't.

Um, I'm shutting up now.

Ok, not quite. Just because I know how many Larry fangirls there are in the world (That's cool, more Edge for me!) here's the "making of" for the video. It features Larry saying "This is Anton Corbijn. He makes me wet."

Everlasting Love- U2

I feel justified in including this because in a phone conversation with my friend Todd a few months ago, when I mentioned how obsessed I am with it, he said something like "Pfft, whatever, U2 never covered Everlasting Love!" and I was all "Oh contraire!" and e-mailed it to him. His response is significant because Todd is such a U2 fan that I know his childhood cat's favorite U2 album (Joshua Tree, duh.) Acutally, that probably speaks more to how well we know each other than his U2 fandom, but trust me, him not knowing this exists is pretty major.

I'm sure I've posted this video before, but it never fails to crack me up. I love the "Bromance" of Bono & Edge. Heterolifemates for the win! Reminds me of an awesome interview with B's wife Ali where she says something like "I know Bono has a second wife named Edge...."

Not Fire, Not Ice- Ben Harper

This is my favorite love song. It's so simple- acoustic guitar and vocals, nothing cluttered, nothing fancy, nothing over the top. That makes me think of those really great loves that just WORK, you just fit each other.

Under the Waves - Pete Droge

This is one of my absolute favorite songs. I can put this on repeat for like an hour and be incredibly content. I don't even know what else to say about it!

Thus concludes part 1 of my playlist! What songs do you want to share with the world?

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