Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Non-Disney Culture shock

If you're just tuning in, you might not know I spent the past 3 years in Florida working for Disney. Right now I'm back in Missouri in my cute little apartment at my mom's house, seriously enjoying a life that *doesn't* constantly feel like living in a snow globe that's always getting shaken up. Peace and calm is such a nice change.

But I was laying around yesterday reading, and I suddenly thought "Hmm, I'm in the mood to go over to Animal Kingdom to get some tea and watch the tigers." (Tigers & Tea is one of my favorite day off activities!) I had seriously put down my book and started to get out of bed to go before I realized that oh hey, Disney World is kinda 1000 miles away. Oops.

It's weird to go from "I'm bored, wanna go to Epcot?" to living a million miles away from everything in small-town Missouri. At Disney, I have 65,000 coworkers. Here, I live in a town of less than 2000 people. More people worked at the same hotel as me than live in my town. Helloooo, culture shock!

And thus, I present, the Top 10 Non-Disney life culture shock moments! I'm sure anyone who used to belong to Mickey and is now back in the non-magical world can relate! (Some are non-Florida, not Disney specific, but oh well.)

1. There is no Publix here. I MISS YOU PUBLIX! My cats are so confused by food that isn't Publix store brand.

2. It's freakin' August and I still haven't heard the word "hurricane" once!

3. Sunglasses cost more than 52 cents. (After stuff from disney parks lost and found hasn't been claimed for a bunch of months, they send it over to a magical place called Property Control, where we snatch it up with our greedy little hands, forking over our hard-earned 50 cents plus tax for the sunglasses you thought it would be a good idea to keep on your head while you rode Space Mountain.)

4. Nobody can ER to have lunch with you. (ER = Early Release, or getting off early. There are the most beautiful letters a Disney cast member knows, second only to ADO- Authorized Day Off.)

5. Nobody says "My pleasure!" when you say thanks. What bitches.

5. Yesterday, I wore bright blue-green eyeshadow, and nobody said anything about Disney Look.

6. How the hell am I supposed to know it is 3pm if it doesn't rain? And 9pm without the sound of fireworks? I am going to have to buy a clock or something.

7. Nobody goes to theme parks on their days off. I am yet to really figure out what people DO here.

8. People without pools are considered normal in Missouri, not the saddest thing you've ever heard of.

9. I still feel weird leaving the house without my cast ID.

10. Straight white people are EVERYWHERE. And they all speak English. It's so freaky.

BONUS #11! You have to pay TAX on GROCERIES here. That's so freakin' evil.

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Pop Champagne said...

hahahaha! yeah that's pretty much everyday of my life. sometimes people don't even say thanks when I do stuff for them at work! an 50 cent sunglasses? yeees please! :D