Monday, August 30, 2010

Pick a show...

I have a conundrum.

When I decided to check if there happened to still be tickets for the U2 show in Miami in June 2011, I got all excited that I could still get GA tickets and immediately set out planning to save up. But then I started thinking about it.... Miami in JUNE. And with General Admission, I would have to get there at early o'clock to make sure I get in the inner circle.

That probably requires explanation. The U2 stage for the 360 tour is kinda crazy-go-nuts. To say the least. It looks like this:

We affectionately call it "the claw". The tiny bit in the center is the stage, and the big circle around that is a runway of sorts where His Bononess likes to strut.

Anyway, the point is that I NEED to be in that inner circle. What's the point in going if I'm going to be half a mile away from the band? Inner circle or bust, baby. About 3,000 people fit in there, but I want to be there early enough to get a GOOD inner circle spot! (Aka close to the stage on Edge's side, but back far enough to be able to see well.) I guess that I'm spoiled from years of going to see local bands, where I'm used to being RIGHT by the stage and then drinking with the band after. Going from that world to one where I might end up FAR from the stage freaks me out, y'all.

My plan has just been to get there early with all of the other freaks, but seriously, y'all, have you ever spent like 30 minutes outside in FL in the summer? Imagine spending like 8 HOURS out there. I'm not super thrilled. I've been joking that I'll just swing by Target on the way and pick up a kiddie pool, some water and some booze and wait in line in style. (And after enough booze, start sending Edge messages on Twitter that there are chicks in bikinis in line, come on out!)

But I've recently been considering catching the show in a city OTHER than Miami. There are some alternatives like Anaheim, Philly and Montreal that would be WAY cooler in the summer than good ol' Florida. Miami would obviously be the *easiest* for me, since it is either a 3 hour drive or about a 45 min flight. But it would also be kinda cool to go to one of the other locations. Here are the contenders:

Miami is still #1 for the aforementioned reasons. I've found some sites where I can get GA tickets for about $150, which is way cheaper than the $250 on Ticketmaster! But that doesn't guarentee inner circle, remember, it's that whooooole field section. It doesn't look that big on the seat map, but observe:

I am not paying $150 to be an entire football field away!

Another option is...

I've never been to Minneapolis (except the airport), but it has to be cooler than Miami in June, right? The problem here is that the stage is at the far end where a goal post would be, instead of on one of the sides like in Miami, so the possibility for sucky GA spots increases.

Then there is...

I could bum around Philladelphia for a day, eat a cheesesteak or something... see the liberty bell? I have no idea what people do in Pennsylvania, to be honest.

Montreal has a really funky seat map for some reason. It confuses me. But I could wander around speaking French, so that would be pretty cool.

Anaheim = free trip to Disneyland! (As long as I'm working for Disney again, that is. It's not like I'm gonna PAY to get into a Disney park! Hmmph!) I am kinda fascinated by the shape of the field here.

Oh, and for comparison... I mentioned that I found GA tickets for Miami for about $150.... the ones for Philly are $92, Anaheim are $89, Montreal are $71 and Minnesota are $68. Why must my city be one of the most expensive? (I am guessing that a LOT of these are only available because the tour had to be postponed when Bono broke himself, so people had to cancel their travel plans. Works out well for me!)

Of course, the obvious other option would be to do Miami AND another city.... Who wants to send me a billion dollars so I can just follow the boys around all summer? (Quoth me to Katie when discussing the fact that I must see this show no matter how broke I am- "I can't let the world end in 2012 without at least TRYING to make out with The Edge!!!")

Speaking of his Edgeness, this photo from the show in Vienna today:

THOSE, Mr. The Edge, sir, are some excellent pants. Just sayin'. (O.M.G.)


Megan said...

Um, you need to go to the one in Philly. You can stay with me (free housing). And you get a free tour guide.

Kathy said...

Hmm. You need to go to Miami for the kiddie pool reason of course! LOL

Minneapolis....would be the last stop on the tour....but if you believe rumors...the last stop on the usa tour if they continue to the uk in fall of 2011?!

Can't go wrong with either choice! : )

in 2009 i went to chicago for the opening night and second show too. had never been and loved it!