Saturday, August 28, 2010

Quick updateyness!

I have a few different posts in the works, but some quick updates:

1) Apple, my car, is back home!! CELEBRATE!! (More on THAT saga soon!)

2) At the request of my friend Katie (Hi, KT.) I have updated the "100 things about me" page and put a link to it over there ---> in the sidebar. See the little button? Katie was nice enough to point out that it hadn't been updated since like 1932 or something and was horribly out of date.

3) I FINALLY recieved my eyeshadow order from Glamour Doll Eyes, so that review and swatches are coming soon!

4) I'm trying to decide where to see U2 next summer. It's a whole big debate. I'll be asking for your opinion!

5) The Edge? Still hot. Observe:

All that yoga has been paying off, I know a lot of bellydancers who can't do a backbend like that!! As if I wasn't already totally in love, Edge is BENDY.


Kathy said...

Love Bendy Edge!!! : )

Where to see U2? In addition to Florida right?!

How about the start or end of the tour?!

Last year i did the tour openers in Chicago and had never been there before

Crystal said...

Either instead of FL or in addition to. I'll be posting about my conundrum soon!