Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Snow in London Paris under the snow

It's funny, but after a few years of the endless summer of living in Florida, I'm kind of craving snow.

Snowflakes at Břevnov Monastery

I miss:
*The crunch of thick snow beneath your boots
*The softness and quiet when the world is blanketed in white
*Tiny animal footprints breaking the surface
*Watching giant flakes drift down from the sky
*The way ice coats each little branch of a tree

There's just something kind of magical about it.

Of course, like travel, I think winter is only glamorous in retrospect. I most certainly do NOT miss:

*Being stuck in the house because the roads are covered in ice.
*Never, ever feeling warm, no matter how many blankets you pile on.
*You can't wear flip-flops!
*In fact, forget cute clothes in general, because you are going to be wearing 87 layers.
*Having to scrape snow and ice off of car windows and constantly run the defroster while you drive.

Of course, I wouldn't mind so much if I had these guys to shovel my driveway:


Kathy said...

Love the Letterman video!!!

Hmmm. not sure if I woud miss the New England snow?!

Petra Opelova said...

Well, I live in Europe so we have a little bit of everything throughout the year...

The Letterman video is most of his vids :D