Sunday, August 15, 2010

Stuff I totally need Saturday #4!

Stuff I want totally need Saturday #4: Free People (Which is actually kind of being posted on Sunday instead, because life got in the way. Sorry.)

OMG, I thought I had already done a SITNS for Free People! I can't believe I haven't! Let the drooling begin!!

Any shirt that laces up the back is an instant win!

My boobs would never fit in the space allotted, but I still love it.

I love the sort of unfinished look!

Can't decide if I like the indigo color or the ivory better!

Joe Lace Up Over the Knee Boots, $298
I have been drooling over these since before they even came out! SO MUCH LOVE! If only they weren't $300. Ouch. They also come in black and lighter brown, but this color showed them off the best!

So cute! And at least you could wear one strap of a bra...

Again, I seem to have a thing for unfinished seams. And the pattern at the bottom = love!

Not sure if I like the dark or light color better.

Buttonfront Lace Back Tank

I love this shirt because it looks all simple and innocent from the front...

But then the back is all lacy and see-through and awesome! (These pics are from 2 different colors, btw, it isn't a weird two-colored shirt!)

We the Free short sleeve lace trim scoop top (Wow that name is a mouthfull!) $48
I love this shirt! It's basic, but well-cut and I like the gradient of color and lace detail.

Open Up Short Sleeve Crew Neck, $48

I love the slouchy vibe and comfyness, while still being stylish.

Peacock Charm Necklace, $18

I should totally make a necklace like this. Of course, making one would probably still cost me like $12...

Turquoise Dot Disc Ring, $98

I love this ring, the colors and the chunkyness, but...

Um, the "lead regulations" thing kinda concerns me.

Long Moonshake Earrings, $88.

Unfortunately these have disappeared from the site in the few days between my capturing pictures and actually writing up the blog! Not that I would have spent $88 on earrings, but ya know.

Winged Insect Necklace, $148

I am a HUGE fan of dragonflies, and this is just plain awesome. Wearing insects around your neck is NOT awesome, you say? Well, let me just reply to that with...

HAH! I new I'd find another use for that eventually.

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