Saturday, August 07, 2010

Stuff I totally need Saturdays: Volume... someting!

Stuff I totally need Saturdays: Mod Cloth!

I was facebooking it up tonight and there was a Mod Cloth ad in the side bar with a seriously cute dress. So I popped over to their site for some investigating, and was kind of impressed by their employee look book. I love seeing clothes on actual human-type people, not just models! Granted most of their employees featured still fall into the small size category, at least it's something! It gets annoying to have to squint at everything cute you see in a catalog and think "Ok, it looks awesome on her size 2 frame, but what would it look like on ME?" My kingdom for a company to come out with a catalog that shows each item on a small, medium and large size person! (And maybe XS and XL if they want to get generous?)

I actually started thinking about that last night when I was reading this article about photoshopping on Jezebel where Ann Taylor's people defended their over-photoshopping by saying that it was necessary because the clothes haven't always been perfectly fitted to the model. Um, HELLO, when I buy the clothes, they aren't going to be perfectly fitted to me, either! I want to see what the item REALLY looks like, not what it CAN look like if you pin everything back and duct tape things in place and digitally smooth out every flaw.

Apparently Ann Taylor shirts magically tuck in with ZERO wrinkles or puckering!

And I think we're all TOTALLY over THIS kind of photoshopping:

The image on the left shows a girl who is already more slender than what, at least 75% of American women? WHY step that up to the creepyness on the right? The woman on the left is still healthy looking... the one on the right... WHERE THE EFF ARE HER ORGANS?

But oh, I was going to post about pretty clothes, right? YAY!

Dreams Come True dress, $47.99

This is basically my favorite shape for a shirt stretched out a little bit to be a dress! I do wish it came in a color other than brown, though. I have SO much trouble finding dresses that fit me well because I'm about 2 sizes bigger on top (boobies!) than everywhere else.

Sha-La-La-Llama Sweater $79.99

I want this sweater entirely because it has llamas on it. Or possibly some kind of weird zebra-llama hybrid?

The Argus Tee, $29.99
It has a peacock on it, it must be mine!

How Soon Is Owl Necklace, $23.99

I kind of fell in love with this necklace the second I saw it, but wait!!

Holy cow, even more cuteness! I need this owl in my life, stat.

My Pet Octopus Ring, $7.99

It's an ocotopus. On a ring. What more do you need? And he's only 8 bucks! I think I prefer the bronzey one.

SLR Ring, $9.99

Photography nerds unite!

And one "Wait.... wtf? Huh?" item from the site...

Elegance in Orbit headband.

I...think I'm missing something here.

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