Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Keepin' It Fresh

One of Allie from Hyperbole and a Half's recent posts included this image:

It amused Katie and me because it looks like our every day conversations. So I made this lovely version, which is literally what we talk about every single day:

So, in an effort to change things up a bit, this was our conversation first thing yesterday morning:

Katie: hullooooo
Crystal: pterydactyl!!
Katie: schnectedy!
Crystal: appendectomy!
Katie: snickerdoodle!
Crystal: oi with the pooldes already!
Katie: :D
Crystal: well, I'd say that counts as mixing it up.
Crystal: So, how's that thing you like?

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Other Stuff

Other stuff I've loved from Spring 2011 RTW so far:

Christopher Kane's "Princess Margaret on acid" collection:

This ENTIRE COLLECTION by Mary Katrantzou:

This dress from Basso & Brooke:

This collection by Jonathan Saunders:

And this dress from Betsey Johnson:

RL Spring RTW

I haven't been paying that much attention to the Spring 2011 RTW runway shows, but a photo that model Jenny Lopez posted on her blog from backstage at Ralph Lauren made me dash over to to check out the collection. It's all white and beiges with a sort of cowgirly flair. I'm not generally a big Ralph Lauren fan, and I'm not even especially a fan of this collection, but...

I looooooooove this dress! I think it's prettier in the photo I first saw it in on Jenny's blog:

I can't put my finger on exactly why it is so very awesome, but it is.

Friday, September 17, 2010

It's over! For now.

I am sooooooooooooo exhausted. That probably needs a few more o's, to be honest. We finally had our yard sale this weekend, and I have no idea how it was so exhausting, but it was! I was seriously sore after the first day, as if I'd just been through a major workout!

It was kind of a fail. I think I made a grand total of about $20 between the two days, and my mom and her friend didn't do much better. At least we got rid of some stuff. And oh joy of joys, we get to do it all over again next weekend for the city-wide yard sale!

I don't care that much about making money from it, I just want to get RID of stuff! I think I'm boxing up everything that doesn't sell next week and dropping it off at the thrift store. Actually, I keep threatening to shove it in a rocket and send it into space! Mostly just because I get a kick out of saying "Space junk. Spacejunk!" in the Zoobaby voice:

Oh Zoobaby, I don't know why I love you so, but I dooooo! (I love that you can hear someone in the audience say "That is my next tat!" (as in tattoo). Zoobaby tats for the win!

Actually, did you know my car has a Zoobaby tattoo? It does.

I ended up trimming down the square so he doesn't have the outline after this pic was taken, I should do an updated one!

But anyway, back to the actual topic! We had good yard sale weather, and it was interesting to meet some of our neighbors. And I did make SOME money, but my remark the 2nd day was "Wow, I am so glad I just spent two entire days to make what I usually make in an hour!" That kind of sums it up.

Also, I very nearly stabbed my mom's friend. He would NOT. Shut. UP. The entire weekend. Keep in mind that we started setting up each morning at like 6:30 am. I am SO NOT a morning girl. If you want to be around me in the morning and survive, you should probably hand me a big cup of coffee, back away in a submissive position and try again after about 10am. But this guy just rambled on and on and on and on about totally boring things. I listened to story after story, hoping one of them might have a point, or at least a punch line, but alas, they did not. So I took to just kind of staring off into space while he spoke, wondering how long he could go on with absolutely no response from me. (Answer: about a day and a half.)

How does one accumulate so much STUFF, anyway? My new theory is that I am buying my future children a ball and a stick, and those are their only toys till they turn 20. Screw this whole clutter thing!

So, how was your weekend?

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Cat Stuff Giveaway!

I think it is safe to say that you are officially a Crazy Cat Lady when cat food companies start sending you free stuff. A couple of days ago, I got a big box-o-stuff from 9 Lives in the mail:

Pardon the seriously crappy picture, I was too excited to take the stuff to the cats, so I just snapped one really quickly!

They sent me a bag of their Daily Essentials dry food (nutritional info at, coupons for another 3lb bag plus four cans of wet food, a magnetic photo frame, a crinkly noisy ball, a ball on a stick suction cup toy, a food scooper (which is supposed to also be a bag sealer, but I haven't figured THAT out yet!), and the BEST thing EVER- a mouse that chirps. I'm sure it is meant to be a squeaky mouse noise, but it sounds like a bird. And Jasper and BonoCat are OBSESSED with it. I may never sleep again.

Anyway, they've given me another prize pack just like mine to give away to one of my readers! To enter, just leave me a comment telling me what makes your cat or cats awesome. Be sure to include an e-mail address! All entries must be received by 11:59pm Central time on 10/18/2010, and a winner will be picked with a random number generator. Happy entering!

The nice legal people request that I mention that 9Lives provided me with the product, information, and prize packs through MyBlogSpark. I'm not paid for this post in any way, unless you count free cat food, which is pretty awesome, and they didn't tell me what to say.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Long morning! But good.

It isn't even noon yet, but it has already been a LONG day! I went to bed around 11:30 last night so that I could be up at 7am to catch Bono and Edge on Good Morning America. Yes, I realize it would be on YouTube like five seconds later, but I've always had the need to watch these things live. I am NOT a tv watcher, so laying around for an hour and 15 minutes of the show before they got to that segment kind of sucked, but the boys were adorable, so it was worth it. They were on premiering a song from the Spiderman broadway musical that they wrote the score for. The song was pretty sweet, and you can definitely hear the Edge influence in the guitar part.

I spent from about 3am until 7am working on yard sale stuff- I am starting to think it is never-ending! It must multiply at night. The end is finally in sight, I think. Maybe. I can see part of my bedroom floor again, at least!

Today is Cricket & Jasper's birthday, so I'll be headed out to the store soon to pick up some yummy cat food for them to celebrate with. The timing worked out perfectly that I also have a cat stuff giveaway to post, so I might as well do that later today in honor of their b-day! Kitty toys for all! I'm actually trying to type this with BonoCat in my lap- almost any time I sit down at the computer he hops up, purrs for a long time and then falls asleep. Freakishly cute, this cat!

I still can't believe it is only 11:30 am! I've already done 4 hours of yard sale work, watched GMA, taken a shower, written an article, drank some coffee and baked a cake. (No, fo' real, I actually baked.) I need to continue to write my ass off today so I can make my car payment on time! The company that I write for's system that checks for plagiarism before articles are edited has been on the fritz, so it is taking an extra 2-3 days for articles to get to the editors, which SUCKS, because I need money ASAP! And there haven't been any good new titles to claim. I have four in my queue still to write, but after that I'm stuck waiting around for something to pop up. Too bad nobody will pay me for just being awesome.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Blackberry Goodness Part 2

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Boost Mobile. All opinions are 100% mine.

When we last left off, I was rambling on about my need for a Blackberry. Feel free to go back and read that post if you haven't. I'll wait. Or you can skip it, but it does have a pic of the Edge doing yoga and checking his messages at the same time, and that is pretty awesome.

Ok, let's continue!

I keep checking out the Blackberry offered by my current phone company, but it is like $250, and as we all know, I am poor. But the lovely folks at Boost Mobile were all "O hai, we have Blackberries, too! Why don't you blog about them?" (Possibly not their exact words. Although I would totally get behind any company that really DID start a message with "O hai!") And like the company I use now, they don't do credit checks or contracts, which is kind of necessary for me because I think my credit score is something like 2.

The Blackberry that Boost offers is the BlackBerry Curve 8330 for $149. I am so out of the tech loop now that I have no idea if it is awesome or not, but compared to my sad little flip phone, almost anything is awesome. It has an MP3 player, which my current phone does not, so that would make me feel pretty fancy. It has a 2mp camera with a flash, which sounds pretty decent for a phone. I like that it has a typepad, because every time I tried to type something on my friend Ashlee's touchscreen phone, I mangled it horribly.

Boost's Blackberry plan is $60/month, and it includes unlimited talk, text, IM, e-mail and web browsing, including Facebook. Mmmm, unlimited Facebooky goodness! My current phone doesn't let me do that, which makes me sad. I can't quite afford to spend $60/month yet, but given that I was spending $40 for like 300 anytime minutes and 1000 texts, it's a pretty sweet deal for when I finally make the jump back into Blackberryland! My current pay per minute/text plan gets me by, but I miss being able to update Twitter and Facebook whenever I want without worrying about paying per message. I mean, you guys NEED to see the pictures of my cats the second I snap them, right? ...Right? They carry a few other smart phones like the Motorola i1, which has a $50 unlimited plan, but I think I'm a Blackberry girl at heart. (One negative thing about Boost's website I noticed is that it's hard to browse through the available phones. They have teeny tiny pictures to scroll through, I'd rather have bigger pictures on a page, not a scrolly bar.)

Boost's payment system is called Re-Boost and it lets you pay by phone, set up automatic payments, pay in person or my favorite, online. (I like paying bills without needing to put on pants.)

I did the necessary ringtone check (they have 35 U2 ringtones, including Unknown Caller, which would be awesome.), but I'm a little confused because where it has you select your phone to show compatible ringtones, the Blackberry isn't an option. Huh? Their ringtones are $2.99 vs the $2.50 with my current company, wish they were a bit cheaper.

Should I consider a phone other than a Blackberry? Am I old and set in my ways? Or is this a pretty good idea once I can save up for it?

Visit my sponsor: Reboost

Blackberry Goodness Part 1

Y'all, I am soooo tempted to go back to the world of awesomeness that is known as having a Blackberry.

It all started when I lost my phone, again. I have a pretty bad track record with phones, "track record" being especially appropriate choice of phrase as you will see in a second. During my last vacation to Disney World before I moved to live/work there, I pulled my cell phone out of my purse while waiting at the gate for my plane to turn it off, tossed it back in my bag, read my book, and eventually boarded my plane.

Except for apparently when I thought I tossed it back into my bag, I must have missed because my phone never made it home. After like a week of calling the airline and airport, I had to admit defeat and go buy a new one. FAIL.

Cut to about three months later when I'm working at the Tomorrowland Speedway at Magic Kingdom. Cell phones aren't allowed "on stage", that is, any area where guests can see you. And let me tell you, every single Disney cast member follows that rule 100%! Except not. I have a feeling that most people figure out some way to check their phones at work no matter what they're doing. When I worked at Speedway, there were two opportunities for this: One was when I was greeting out in front of the attraction. Every now and then you had to pop into a little supply closet to update the headcount for people that didn't go through the regular line (VIP tours, wheelchair parties, etc). Tiny dark closet = quick text message check! I never took the time out to reply, but there's something weirdly refreshing about that 5 second connection to your life outside work that can seriously help your sanity on long work days.

The other opportunity was working a position we called the bridge- there's a bridge (omg most original name ever!) about halfway through the track where you can see most of the area of the ride, so you are able to run out and help if anyone's car breaks down or more frequently, some little kid gets tired of pushing the pedal halfway through and needs help. Unless a car breaks down, this is a pretty awesome spot because a) it's in the shade... standing out on that track is unbelievbaly hot. b) It smells less like car, and c) unless a car breaks down, all you have to do is stand there, and occasionally do a car count. Sweeet! And if you are especially crafty, you can time it juuuust right to be able to pop your phone out and check your messages reeeeally fast in between cars going by.

The only downside to all this is that one time out of the millions that you run across the track to get back to another position after being up on the bridge, your phone may take the opportunity to liberate itself from your pocket. You will not notice this until a few hours later in the breakroom when you see a scratched and scuffed up phone that looks remarkably like yours because, o hai! It is! Yes, my phone fell out of my pocket and onto the track, where little cars were zipping along at a whopping 4mph or so. I can't believe it survived- it was fine except for a few scratches. Win!

Except that about a month later I lost it in the break room at the All Stars, and never saw it again. Fail. Luckily, my friend Robert is awesome and was all "Oh, I have an old Blackberry I don't need, do you want it?" and I was all "HELLZ YEAH!" So he gave it to me and we lived happily ever after. You know, until I got too poor to pay my phone bill and the nice people at my cell phone company were all "Sorry dude, no more phone for you!" and then I didn't have a cell phone for like 4 months.

Not having a phone sucks, as I'm sure you can imagine. HOW did we survive the 80s/90s/even longer than that if you are older than me?? Not having a phone sucks donkey balls. I finally had to give in several months later when my friend was in the hospital and not having any way to get news became too annoying to deal with. I got a cheap little flip phone for $25 from Virgin and a no contract prepaid plan, which is what I still use about a year later. But in an effort to save money, I only spend about $10/month on it, if that, and I'm reeeeally missing the days of being to text away without abandon. (With abandon? I can never remember if it is with or without!)

And so, I have been shopping around for the sheer awesomeness that is a smartphone again. iPhones seem too expensive, and I'm afraid I'd spend more than I make on apps. So I have been looking once again to my old friend the Blackberry, only *slightly* influenced by them sponsoring the 360* tour...

And I could practice Edge's patented Blackberry Yoga... "And check your messages with the out breath..."

I'm going to divide this post up here because the lovely Boost Mobile is going to pay me to talk about their Blackberry plan, and they may not want to be assiciated with my Edge obsession, or combined with a post that uses words like donkey balls. Or maybe they would like that? Who knows, but more in a moment... (Please don't judge me for getting paid for a post, momma has cats to feed.)

Yard Sale of DOOM

Question: HOW did I get so much STUFF?

If you don't recall, I am spending the summer (and fall too, it seems) at my mom's house back in Missouri. Well, actually back in my pretty pretty apartment that is connected to my mom's house, because a) it is giant and b) it is free and c) I am poor and d) having stuff like furniture again rules.

However, one major thing I wanted to accomplish during my time here is to sort through ALL of the boxes-o-stuff that have been sitting around here for eons. Want to read my 5th grade research paper? Need some Barbie horses? How about some nice McDonalds toys circa 1992?

I SUCK at getting rid of stuff. Going through boxes is time consuming, and it's hard for me to get rid of childhood toys that I have fond memories of. But dude, if I'm moving back to Orlando later this year or early next, I want to be done with all of these boxes of stuffs sitting around. I don't want to leave my mom stuck with storing them for another decade, and I don't want to clutter up what is sure to be yet another tiny apartment with junk I don't even need. Thus, Yard Sale of Doom.

I live in a WEIRD little town where they have limits on things like how many bags of trash you can put out on trash day and how many yard sales you can have in a year. But they do have Community Yard Sale Week! And lucky me, it happens to be in September. So I've spent the past few weeks digging through almost 30 years worth of junk... I mean... treasures! So that I can get rid of them.

I am FINALLY starting to see the finish line, but OMG has it sucked! I had better make like eleventy billion dollars off this sale is all I'm sayin'. A big chunk of my time has been spent sorting through little stuff that isn't worth much and bagging it up in ziplock baggies with similar stuff, so that a) you get a bunch of stuff for like a quarter and b) I can make people take home crap mixed in with the good stuff.

I don't mind clutter, but all this stuff has literally taken over my kitchen, living room and bedroom, and part of my mom's living room. It's insane!! I have found a few awesome things I forgot I had in the process, but for the most part, it has sucked. Suuuuucked.

Yard sale is set for next weekend, so I have just over a week to finish up. Corss your fingers that I survive and make zillions of... pennies.

(I would add photos of the giant piles of crap, but I am too lazy. Possibly in a post-sale blog post.)

Thursday, September 02, 2010

I'm about to start playing around with my blog design, so please pardon if things look funky today!

What do you guys think of the new layout so far? Switching to an actual Blogger template instead of my old-school homemade CSS has fixed the archive problem, which was driving me nuts! The new layout looks WEIRD to me after having the old one for so many years, but maybe I'll get used to it? Still some fine tuning to do.


I can't believe I haven't posted here about BonoCat yet!

I've been in this awful sleep cycle where I fall asleep somewhere between midnight and 2am and wake up 2 or 3 hours later, and am then very grumpy all day. NOT fun! Anyway, this happened on Saturday night, and while I was up and around at 5am, my cat Jasper kept looking out the big glass door in my living room, super excited about something. I assumed it was his "girlfriend" Alice (see post about her a few weeks ago), but when I opened the door to look out, a kitten ran into the house!

My best guess puts him at maybe 4-6 months old. He's so flippin' cute! The top half of his body is a tabby that looks like a mix of a tiger and leopard print, and he is wearing a leopard print collar. The bottom half (underside) of his body is all white. After he ran in the house, he ran straight over and started cuddling me, and then went to the cats' food bowl and devoured all the dry food in there.

I was listening to U2, and when Veritgo came on he looked at the computer speakers as if to say "THAT is the coolest thing I have ever heard." After that and noticing that he is a tiny, super vocal, overly affectionate wildman with a streamlined head, I took to calling him BonoCat. Actually, BonoCat-of-O'Connell-Street Mewson. (Note to non-U2 fans: it is funny. I promise.)

I was totally smitten with the little guy! But he obviously has a home, guessing by the collar and his quickness to come inside. So after he ate, I sent him back outside, hoping he would find his way back home. About two hours later, I woke up to find him stuck up in a tree in my back yard. Apparently Alice had chased him up, and he freaked out and couldn't get down. I ended up having to go up on a ladder to retrieve him. I seriously always thought that "cat stuck in a tree" stuff was nonsense... you climbed up, you can climb down! But the poor guy seriously seemed to have no idea how to get down, and he was hot from being in the sun and obviously exhausted. So I carried him down and brought him back in the house.

He's still here.

I've put up signs at local businesses, called vet offices, posted to Craigslist and asked around, but nobody seems to have lost a cat. I tried not to get attached at first, because I was hoping we'd find his owner within the first day or two, but it is really starting to look like he might stick around.

He's one of the most affectionate kittens EVER- he follows me everywhere, he sleeps in bed with me at night, and when I'm online he curls up in my lap and purrs. And he still loves the intro to Vertigo.

Behold the cute:

(Yes, his head is cuddled into my boobs here. Saucy boy!)