Thursday, September 09, 2010

Blackberry Goodness Part 1

Y'all, I am soooo tempted to go back to the world of awesomeness that is known as having a Blackberry.

It all started when I lost my phone, again. I have a pretty bad track record with phones, "track record" being especially appropriate choice of phrase as you will see in a second. During my last vacation to Disney World before I moved to live/work there, I pulled my cell phone out of my purse while waiting at the gate for my plane to turn it off, tossed it back in my bag, read my book, and eventually boarded my plane.

Except for apparently when I thought I tossed it back into my bag, I must have missed because my phone never made it home. After like a week of calling the airline and airport, I had to admit defeat and go buy a new one. FAIL.

Cut to about three months later when I'm working at the Tomorrowland Speedway at Magic Kingdom. Cell phones aren't allowed "on stage", that is, any area where guests can see you. And let me tell you, every single Disney cast member follows that rule 100%! Except not. I have a feeling that most people figure out some way to check their phones at work no matter what they're doing. When I worked at Speedway, there were two opportunities for this: One was when I was greeting out in front of the attraction. Every now and then you had to pop into a little supply closet to update the headcount for people that didn't go through the regular line (VIP tours, wheelchair parties, etc). Tiny dark closet = quick text message check! I never took the time out to reply, but there's something weirdly refreshing about that 5 second connection to your life outside work that can seriously help your sanity on long work days.

The other opportunity was working a position we called the bridge- there's a bridge (omg most original name ever!) about halfway through the track where you can see most of the area of the ride, so you are able to run out and help if anyone's car breaks down or more frequently, some little kid gets tired of pushing the pedal halfway through and needs help. Unless a car breaks down, this is a pretty awesome spot because a) it's in the shade... standing out on that track is unbelievbaly hot. b) It smells less like car, and c) unless a car breaks down, all you have to do is stand there, and occasionally do a car count. Sweeet! And if you are especially crafty, you can time it juuuust right to be able to pop your phone out and check your messages reeeeally fast in between cars going by.

The only downside to all this is that one time out of the millions that you run across the track to get back to another position after being up on the bridge, your phone may take the opportunity to liberate itself from your pocket. You will not notice this until a few hours later in the breakroom when you see a scratched and scuffed up phone that looks remarkably like yours because, o hai! It is! Yes, my phone fell out of my pocket and onto the track, where little cars were zipping along at a whopping 4mph or so. I can't believe it survived- it was fine except for a few scratches. Win!

Except that about a month later I lost it in the break room at the All Stars, and never saw it again. Fail. Luckily, my friend Robert is awesome and was all "Oh, I have an old Blackberry I don't need, do you want it?" and I was all "HELLZ YEAH!" So he gave it to me and we lived happily ever after. You know, until I got too poor to pay my phone bill and the nice people at my cell phone company were all "Sorry dude, no more phone for you!" and then I didn't have a cell phone for like 4 months.

Not having a phone sucks, as I'm sure you can imagine. HOW did we survive the 80s/90s/even longer than that if you are older than me?? Not having a phone sucks donkey balls. I finally had to give in several months later when my friend was in the hospital and not having any way to get news became too annoying to deal with. I got a cheap little flip phone for $25 from Virgin and a no contract prepaid plan, which is what I still use about a year later. But in an effort to save money, I only spend about $10/month on it, if that, and I'm reeeeally missing the days of being to text away without abandon. (With abandon? I can never remember if it is with or without!)

And so, I have been shopping around for the sheer awesomeness that is a smartphone again. iPhones seem too expensive, and I'm afraid I'd spend more than I make on apps. So I have been looking once again to my old friend the Blackberry, only *slightly* influenced by them sponsoring the 360* tour...

And I could practice Edge's patented Blackberry Yoga... "And check your messages with the out breath..."

I'm going to divide this post up here because the lovely Boost Mobile is going to pay me to talk about their Blackberry plan, and they may not want to be assiciated with my Edge obsession, or combined with a post that uses words like donkey balls. Or maybe they would like that? Who knows, but more in a moment... (Please don't judge me for getting paid for a post, momma has cats to feed.)

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