Thursday, September 09, 2010

Blackberry Goodness Part 2

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Boost Mobile. All opinions are 100% mine.

When we last left off, I was rambling on about my need for a Blackberry. Feel free to go back and read that post if you haven't. I'll wait. Or you can skip it, but it does have a pic of the Edge doing yoga and checking his messages at the same time, and that is pretty awesome.

Ok, let's continue!

I keep checking out the Blackberry offered by my current phone company, but it is like $250, and as we all know, I am poor. But the lovely folks at Boost Mobile were all "O hai, we have Blackberries, too! Why don't you blog about them?" (Possibly not their exact words. Although I would totally get behind any company that really DID start a message with "O hai!") And like the company I use now, they don't do credit checks or contracts, which is kind of necessary for me because I think my credit score is something like 2.

The Blackberry that Boost offers is the BlackBerry Curve 8330 for $149. I am so out of the tech loop now that I have no idea if it is awesome or not, but compared to my sad little flip phone, almost anything is awesome. It has an MP3 player, which my current phone does not, so that would make me feel pretty fancy. It has a 2mp camera with a flash, which sounds pretty decent for a phone. I like that it has a typepad, because every time I tried to type something on my friend Ashlee's touchscreen phone, I mangled it horribly.

Boost's Blackberry plan is $60/month, and it includes unlimited talk, text, IM, e-mail and web browsing, including Facebook. Mmmm, unlimited Facebooky goodness! My current phone doesn't let me do that, which makes me sad. I can't quite afford to spend $60/month yet, but given that I was spending $40 for like 300 anytime minutes and 1000 texts, it's a pretty sweet deal for when I finally make the jump back into Blackberryland! My current pay per minute/text plan gets me by, but I miss being able to update Twitter and Facebook whenever I want without worrying about paying per message. I mean, you guys NEED to see the pictures of my cats the second I snap them, right? ...Right? They carry a few other smart phones like the Motorola i1, which has a $50 unlimited plan, but I think I'm a Blackberry girl at heart. (One negative thing about Boost's website I noticed is that it's hard to browse through the available phones. They have teeny tiny pictures to scroll through, I'd rather have bigger pictures on a page, not a scrolly bar.)

Boost's payment system is called Re-Boost and it lets you pay by phone, set up automatic payments, pay in person or my favorite, online. (I like paying bills without needing to put on pants.)

I did the necessary ringtone check (they have 35 U2 ringtones, including Unknown Caller, which would be awesome.), but I'm a little confused because where it has you select your phone to show compatible ringtones, the Blackberry isn't an option. Huh? Their ringtones are $2.99 vs the $2.50 with my current company, wish they were a bit cheaper.

Should I consider a phone other than a Blackberry? Am I old and set in my ways? Or is this a pretty good idea once I can save up for it?

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