Friday, September 17, 2010

It's over! For now.

I am sooooooooooooo exhausted. That probably needs a few more o's, to be honest. We finally had our yard sale this weekend, and I have no idea how it was so exhausting, but it was! I was seriously sore after the first day, as if I'd just been through a major workout!

It was kind of a fail. I think I made a grand total of about $20 between the two days, and my mom and her friend didn't do much better. At least we got rid of some stuff. And oh joy of joys, we get to do it all over again next weekend for the city-wide yard sale!

I don't care that much about making money from it, I just want to get RID of stuff! I think I'm boxing up everything that doesn't sell next week and dropping it off at the thrift store. Actually, I keep threatening to shove it in a rocket and send it into space! Mostly just because I get a kick out of saying "Space junk. Spacejunk!" in the Zoobaby voice:

Oh Zoobaby, I don't know why I love you so, but I dooooo! (I love that you can hear someone in the audience say "That is my next tat!" (as in tattoo). Zoobaby tats for the win!

Actually, did you know my car has a Zoobaby tattoo? It does.

I ended up trimming down the square so he doesn't have the outline after this pic was taken, I should do an updated one!

But anyway, back to the actual topic! We had good yard sale weather, and it was interesting to meet some of our neighbors. And I did make SOME money, but my remark the 2nd day was "Wow, I am so glad I just spent two entire days to make what I usually make in an hour!" That kind of sums it up.

Also, I very nearly stabbed my mom's friend. He would NOT. Shut. UP. The entire weekend. Keep in mind that we started setting up each morning at like 6:30 am. I am SO NOT a morning girl. If you want to be around me in the morning and survive, you should probably hand me a big cup of coffee, back away in a submissive position and try again after about 10am. But this guy just rambled on and on and on and on about totally boring things. I listened to story after story, hoping one of them might have a point, or at least a punch line, but alas, they did not. So I took to just kind of staring off into space while he spoke, wondering how long he could go on with absolutely no response from me. (Answer: about a day and a half.)

How does one accumulate so much STUFF, anyway? My new theory is that I am buying my future children a ball and a stick, and those are their only toys till they turn 20. Screw this whole clutter thing!

So, how was your weekend?

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