Friday, September 10, 2010

Long morning! But good.

It isn't even noon yet, but it has already been a LONG day! I went to bed around 11:30 last night so that I could be up at 7am to catch Bono and Edge on Good Morning America. Yes, I realize it would be on YouTube like five seconds later, but I've always had the need to watch these things live. I am NOT a tv watcher, so laying around for an hour and 15 minutes of the show before they got to that segment kind of sucked, but the boys were adorable, so it was worth it. They were on premiering a song from the Spiderman broadway musical that they wrote the score for. The song was pretty sweet, and you can definitely hear the Edge influence in the guitar part.

I spent from about 3am until 7am working on yard sale stuff- I am starting to think it is never-ending! It must multiply at night. The end is finally in sight, I think. Maybe. I can see part of my bedroom floor again, at least!

Today is Cricket & Jasper's birthday, so I'll be headed out to the store soon to pick up some yummy cat food for them to celebrate with. The timing worked out perfectly that I also have a cat stuff giveaway to post, so I might as well do that later today in honor of their b-day! Kitty toys for all! I'm actually trying to type this with BonoCat in my lap- almost any time I sit down at the computer he hops up, purrs for a long time and then falls asleep. Freakishly cute, this cat!

I still can't believe it is only 11:30 am! I've already done 4 hours of yard sale work, watched GMA, taken a shower, written an article, drank some coffee and baked a cake. (No, fo' real, I actually baked.) I need to continue to write my ass off today so I can make my car payment on time! The company that I write for's system that checks for plagiarism before articles are edited has been on the fritz, so it is taking an extra 2-3 days for articles to get to the editors, which SUCKS, because I need money ASAP! And there haven't been any good new titles to claim. I have four in my queue still to write, but after that I'm stuck waiting around for something to pop up. Too bad nobody will pay me for just being awesome.

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