Thursday, September 09, 2010

Yard Sale of DOOM

Question: HOW did I get so much STUFF?

If you don't recall, I am spending the summer (and fall too, it seems) at my mom's house back in Missouri. Well, actually back in my pretty pretty apartment that is connected to my mom's house, because a) it is giant and b) it is free and c) I am poor and d) having stuff like furniture again rules.

However, one major thing I wanted to accomplish during my time here is to sort through ALL of the boxes-o-stuff that have been sitting around here for eons. Want to read my 5th grade research paper? Need some Barbie horses? How about some nice McDonalds toys circa 1992?

I SUCK at getting rid of stuff. Going through boxes is time consuming, and it's hard for me to get rid of childhood toys that I have fond memories of. But dude, if I'm moving back to Orlando later this year or early next, I want to be done with all of these boxes of stuffs sitting around. I don't want to leave my mom stuck with storing them for another decade, and I don't want to clutter up what is sure to be yet another tiny apartment with junk I don't even need. Thus, Yard Sale of Doom.

I live in a WEIRD little town where they have limits on things like how many bags of trash you can put out on trash day and how many yard sales you can have in a year. But they do have Community Yard Sale Week! And lucky me, it happens to be in September. So I've spent the past few weeks digging through almost 30 years worth of junk... I mean... treasures! So that I can get rid of them.

I am FINALLY starting to see the finish line, but OMG has it sucked! I had better make like eleventy billion dollars off this sale is all I'm sayin'. A big chunk of my time has been spent sorting through little stuff that isn't worth much and bagging it up in ziplock baggies with similar stuff, so that a) you get a bunch of stuff for like a quarter and b) I can make people take home crap mixed in with the good stuff.

I don't mind clutter, but all this stuff has literally taken over my kitchen, living room and bedroom, and part of my mom's living room. It's insane!! I have found a few awesome things I forgot I had in the process, but for the most part, it has sucked. Suuuuucked.

Yard sale is set for next weekend, so I have just over a week to finish up. Corss your fingers that I survive and make zillions of... pennies.

(I would add photos of the giant piles of crap, but I am too lazy. Possibly in a post-sale blog post.)

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Petra Opelova said...

lol :) You are the opposite of me...I'm somewhat of a minimalist. I don't like having useless stuff around that only purpose is to catch dust :(. But I know that getting rid of things you have some emotional attachment to is hard. So well done! At least you have made the decision to sell something...some people collect stuff for years and years! :)