Saturday, October 09, 2010

30 Days of U2

You've probably seen that "30 days of Truth" meme that everyone is doing. I thought about doing it, but most of the days were kind of "meh". However, I then found "30 days of U2" which is WAY more my style. I'll save those of you who could care less from about 27 days of it by just doing 3 posts, 10 days worth per post! And I will have entirely too much fun doing so.

Most of it has to do with favorite pictures (especially the first half), so I had to organize my U2 picture folder before I could even start, because it was getting crazy in there. The folder is actually titled Edge, but has subfolders for Bono & Ali, Band, BEdge (Bono & Edge) and wallpapers. I probably need to start a subfolder for The Claw, because I've got a lot of those pics now.

Shut up, I do not have issues.


1. A favorite band picture

Awesomely, this is the first one that came to mind:

2. A favorite Bono picture

I almost went with this:

But really, Bono is never better than when he's with Ali:

3. A favorite Edge picture

Holy cow, you expect me to choose ONE??

I'll go with this:

Because it inspired someone to paint this, which I love:

Bonus pic:

HappyEdge is happy.

4. A favorite Larry picture

I have a grand total of 3 Larry pics. So instead, I am posting this, because it makes me laugh every. single. time.

5. A favorite Adam picture

I probably have fewer Adam pics than Larry pics, but I do have this:

He made some of the ladies very happy when he came back out for the encore shirtless after a super-rainy show!

6. A favorite Baby U2 picture

No comments necessary, really. You work that pose, baby Bono!

7. A favorite Joshua Tree era picture

I think this is slightly post-JT, but oh well, it is adorable.

8. A favorite ZooTV era picture

Mmmm, Zoo TV!!! One of my favorite eras. I was trying to pick between posting a pic of supercute Zoo Edge and paying tribute to my MacPhisto crush, but then I found this, which covers both:

9. A favorite PopMart era picture

I have two:

The first one because HELLO, HOT, and the 2nd because it's such a great representation of what PopMart was all about.

10. A favorite Elevation era picture

I have so many Elevation pics it is impossible to choose, so I pick this:

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