Friday, October 29, 2010

e.l.f. again!

E.l.f. has a sale going on for 50% off eye products, so I couldn't resist! Expect another huge haul/review coming up soon! Here's some of what I ordered:

Yep, ALL of these eye colors!! I'm missing one here, actually... I know I ordered 14! Oh well, too lazy to go back and remake the images! ;) These are usually $1, so I got them for 50 cents each! 14 quads = 56 different colors for $7! EPIC WIN! I already had one of these in Pretty in Pink, so after this order there will only be Brownstone, Blue Moon, Hazy Hazel and Day 2 Night left for me to try! (Unless they come out with more!)

I also ordered some of the new sparkly eyeliners and the new creme eyeliners, as well as a few misc goodies. Can't wait to receive everything!

Something interesting, though! I think they may have NOT charged me for shipping! This is what my total looked like on the checkout page:

But after I checked out and got my confirmation, it looked like this:

If I end up getting 36 things for $24, I am going to do the biggest happy dance EVER! (I ordered 34 things, but they always throw in a free gift and another free gift if you submit friends' emails!) I guess there's the possibility that they won't charge me for shipping till it ships? But I'm hoping not! Years of free SuperSaver Shipping from Amazon have spoiled me into finding paying for shipping totally evil!

Hurry up and ship, pleeeeeeeeeeeease!

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