Friday, October 22, 2010

The most boo-tiful time of year!

Halloween is coming up in what, like 10 days? And for the first time in ages, I have NO PLANS. Halloween is one of my FAVORITE holidays, I have to do SOMETHING! I wish I was in Orlando where one of my favorite local bands is playing on the 30th, and you're encouraged to come in costume. Rock + Costumes = WIN! Did I ever post pictures from the show two Halloweens ago? Probably not? I will now!

Black Ship Sky played at Rusty O'Reilly's, and it was awesome.

Lacking actual costume ideas, Katie and I decided to be Hogwarts students. We got cheap white shirts at Old Navy and black schoolgirl-type skirts at some other store in the mall, and we were pretty much set. I felt odd wearing a skirt THAT short, so I added fishnets and declared myself Ginny Weasley in her slutty phase. Most of the band also dressed up, as you can see here.

Julie had THE COOLEST costume inspired by The Raven, with parts of the text written on her shoulders. COSTUME WIN!

Dave was the king of... rock? Sure, let's go with that!

This pic is from the beginning of the night, before I looked drunk. I eventually poked holes in my fishnets so I could switch from high heels to flip-flops. Classy all the way!

See? Flip flops! Andre was our fellow Hogwarts kid!

I don't remember what Ash was called, but it was something involving a lot of spiderwebs!

Oh, and Josh was a horse.

Girls + booze = this. Rachel was Jessica Rabbit.

Eventually everyone started stealing Josh's horse head. It went especially well with Thuan's suit!

And then there was rock.

How are you spending your Halloween this year?


Andnowlights said...

Oooh plaid skirts. I miss wearing uniforms, not going to lie! This year I'm handing out mini cans of play-doh to whatever kids stop by (we just moved in) until we run out. Then locking the door and turning out the lights and being glad our doorbell doesn't work!

Just found your blog through 20sb, HI! I'm Kristen.

Katie said...

I love that by the end of the night the Slytherin (meeee!) still looked respectable and the Gryffindor kids were wasted. :D Slytherin represent!

Crystal said...

I wonder how many kids will end up eating their play-doh? ;)