Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Why did the chicken cross the road? So I could give you free stuff!


We interrupt your usual blog programming for a post that has nothing to do with Fashion Week *OR* U2. I KNOW, right? But it is once again time for me to give away free stuff! Woo-hoo!

Today's lovely giveaway is courtesy of Macaroni Grill and Wanchai Ferry. (I keep having to double check how to spell that, because in my mind it is Wanchai Fairy, a tiny magical Chinese food sprite.)

So, two things you should know before we begin. I really wish it were 3, because I could insert a clip of "Breathe" where Bono sings "Three things I need you to know... THREE!" But it's not. Just two.

1) I never cook. I CAN cook. I'm actually, very secretly, a kind of awesome cook. But I lived alone for a very long time if you don't count cats, and I'm much too lazy in general to put half an hour's worth of work into a meal that it will take me ten minutes to eat. Plus, if everyone believes that you can't cook, they cook FOR you. It's a good system. However, in the name of science and my love for you, dear blog readers, I have COOKED. Don't say I never did anything for you.

2) The lovely things you're about to read about were given to me by Wanchai Ferry (fairy!) and Macaroni Grill, via MyBlogSpark. They also donated the prize that you can win. Ooooh, ahh! I have freedom to say whatever I want about it, though. We could spend this blog talking about the World Cup predicting octopus that died and how sad that is, but instead I think I'll actually tell you about the food, because I kind of had fun making it.

Ok, on with the show!

The only thing I know about Macaroni Grill is that I've been there on a couple of dates and they let you draw on the table cloths, which is awesome. I had never heard of Wanchai Ferry, which isn't surprising since I am not a fan of Chinese food, but since I received this stuff, I've noticed a couple of commercials involving a panda bear on TV, so maybe you are more familiar with it than me?

Anyway, about a week ago these showed up in my mail:

They're non-refrigerated meal-in-a-box type kits, but you do have to buy your own chicken.

Confession: I cheated. I bought pre-cooked chicken. I figured that at least some of my readers have to be as lazy as I am when it comes to cooking, so I might as well experiment and see if I could still make it work the lazy way. (Verdict- yes, it works! Lazy FTW!!)

I made the Macaroni Grill one first, because hello, pasta! Nom! You basically cook up some pasta while simultaneously cooking the chicken with seasoning, and then you add the included sauce. One very important note- We all like to smell the stuff we're cooking, but I DO NOT SUGGEST sniffing the seasoning packet when you open it. I accidentally snorted some, and it was unbelievably unpleasant. Learn from my mistakes!!

The recipe calls for a pound of chicken, but dude, have you seen the way I eat? So I used three ounces instead. Was plenty! The final product turned out pretty okay, but there was not enough sauce-to-pasta ratio for me, so I grabbed some butter and cheese and leftover seasoning (didn't use it all since I only used a fraction of the chicken) and whipped up my own sauce, which I thought was much better.

Tonight I made the Orange Chicken. My mom spent all day at the doctor, and unlike me actually likes Chinese food, so I mostly made it for her. This one was super easy- cook rice in one pot, stir up some chicken and sauce in another- I think it took less than 20 minutes. Despite my dislike of Chinese food, I tried a bite and consider it edible, but my mom said it was pretty good.

I took photos to document the cooking, but my camera seems to have had a seizure, because they are nowhere to be found on my memory card. I can't believe that I actually cooked for once and there is no photographic proof! Sadness!

The package with my meal kits came with a "Visa gift card that you can use to create a magical date night at home." Thanks for assuming I have a significant other to have a date night with! Instead, I used part of it to buy a special treat for my one true love:

Anyway, the reason you're here, it's GIVEAWAY TIME!!

The winner will receive one meal kit from each of the companies above- I can't guarantee you will get the same varieties I did, but my guess is that you probably will. You will also get a $25 Visa gift card to spend however you please! (Hint: buy me stuff!)

They suggested I ask you to leave comments about date nights, but we're doing something different! To enter, leave a comment telling me either a) Why cats are way better than significant others, or b) a dish that you are seriously awesome at cooking. (I make a meeean grilled cheese, myself.)

You do NOT have to be a follower of the blog to enter, but it would delight me if you were.

All entries need to be received by 11:59pm Central time on October 31st! The winner will either be selected by a random number generator or my cat, depending up on my mood that day. This is open to international entries, so enter away, Canadians! I will post the winner on the blog and on FB & Twitter on Nov 1st! They have 48 hours to claim their prize, or I will redraw.

If you don't win, you can still pick up a coupon for $1.50 off two boxes, so you can cook them up, hang out with your cat and pretend you are me. Yeah, don't think I don't know what your Halloween plans are!

Good luck!


Tina said...

I make a mean peanut butter and banana sandwich.

BelleinBows said...

My specialty is pasta and red sauce! There's one secret weapon in there.

I have tried the Wanchai meals, they're actually really good and quick!

Cats are better than significant others because they clean up after themselves...at least more than my G. haha

Fun giveaway.

Katie said...

A) Because cats don't rip out your still-beating heart and leave it to your best friend to tell you that they are a lying, cheating bastard who deserves to be castrated and then eaten by weasels.

B) Waffles

sharoneb said...

My specialties are Chicken Alfredo and Lobster Bisque. I think they're both pretty spectacular!

Andnowlights said...

Option B, please! I make an awesome marinated salmon with an awesome asparagus side w/ bell peppers, garlic, and bleu cheese. It's our go to dinner when I can't think of anything else and my husband could eat it every night he loves salmon so much.

Kelly B! said...

My specialty is actually either chicken scampi with bell peppers and red onions OR beef enchiladas! if you like pasta and/or mexican food then you should definitely come visit me on your next roadtrip :)

And we can also get married in a phone booth <3

Megan said...

A) Cats are better than significant others because they don't complain about cold feet. They just snuggle with them to make them warm.

B) I make a really good beef stew. I might need to throw some together this weekend!

JC said...

I make great sushi rolls.

Elizabeth said...

Neato! My speciality is french dip or swiss stuffed chicken. Mmmmmm.

Cats rule because they don't leave their expensive phones in their pants pockets and then expect you to check their pockets before you wash their clothes.

Elizabeth said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mami2jcn said...

I make a pretty good "arroz con pollo" (chicken with rice).

pixie13 said...

Cats are better than significant others because they don't actually need your attention 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


katychick said...

I am good at making chicken and rice in the oven...sooo good.
tcogbill at live dot com

Kristen said...

Uh...I'm a dog person (you're not gonna pick me now, are you?! LOL)...and I make amazing homemade tacos!

couponboss at gmail dot com

Tracy R said...

I make some great teriyaki chicken! It's actually really easy if you use a good quality sauce and add a little glaze at the end.

Mom2anutball said...

I make some amazing goulash. I hated it as a kid, but mine is seriously the best stuff on the planet. (Okay well, the best stuff around my house)

Thanks for the chance!
fineinsanity {at} live {dot} com

shirley said...

Everyone loves my chicken strips.

debbie said...

There are so many ways to answer this, a cat loves you because he thinks you are special, and wants to. A cat will never critize you, or make you feel bad.
I make a mean rotasserie chicken.

coriwestphal said...

I like my kitty more than my hubs because he will cuddle with me at night, then when I need my space, I just push him away and he actually goes away! That sounds terrible but it's true!

coriwestphal at msn dot com

mandala said...

Cats aren't needy, they are self-sufficient and like to clean themselves a lot.

My specialty is making chicken egg rolls :)

mandalarctic at gmail dot com

tattgiff said...

Cats are better because THEY think they are!!
tattgiff at centurytel dot net

floating said...

Cats make way less mess
cat smell better.
Cats give more affection.

lol I am loving everyone's cats are better comments.
what a great question

dlhaley said...

My specialty is chicken soup.MMmmm!!


Julie said...

My specialty is goulash and pizza casserole
thanks for the giveaway

Louis H said...

I like chinese food, especially orange chicken - but since i never know what is in take out I make my own orange glazed chicken - so far everybody loves it

Thank you for hosting this giveaway

schnitzomage {at} gmail {dot} com

KSW81 said...

1. Cats are better because no matter how much they cry and chatter, you can just imagine they are saying nice and wonderful things about you.

2. I discovered on a budget that adding half a can of cream of chicken soup to macaroni and cheese instead of milk and butter actually tastes better and the ingredients are cheaper.

Sarah said...

Cats are better than significant others because they don't mind when I am up late typing on my laptop. In fact they will snuggle up with me and try to dance on the keyboard.

I make the best macaroni and cheese ever with those japanese breadcrumbs on top. Yummy!

Mari said...

My favorite dish to make is corned beef and cabbage. Or should I say, that is my dh's favorite dish.

runningmatey at hotmail dot com