Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Customer service & brushes

I heard back from e.l.f. customer service. You may recall that when I got my order, the purple cream eyeliner wasn't there (OH, purple eyeliner, I pine for you!) and my plum eyeliner pen was totally dried out. It took me about 3 days to hear back from them, but they refunded me $4, which is the full price of the two. I am pretty ok with that, since because of the sale I only paid half that. Amusingly, with that refund, I now got 36 items for $20, several of which (at least 5 that I can think of) were $3 items originally. Score!

The awesome Naima of Naima's Bellydance Blog asked in the comments on my last post about the brushes I'm using for the e.l.f. quad reviews, so I thought I'd post them in case anyone else is curious.

I started out trying to use the little sponge-tip applicator that comes with the quad, but abandoned that pretty quickly. It's ok if you don't have anything else around, but I would much rather use brushes!

I've done most of the application with e.l.f.'s eyeshadow brush, which is $1, and is thankfully carried by my local Dollar General, because I need a lot of eye brushes in my life at all times.

It's nothing fancy, but totally works if you aren't doing anything too complicated.

For the crease, I alternate between that brush and one of my favorite brushes ever, my Smashbox definer brush:
It came with an eyes kit I bought a few years ago, and is totally awesome for the crease! It's currently $24, though, so I advise holding out for it to be included with a set again. The one I got had two shadow trios, this brush, my favorite eyeliner brush ever, a mascara and a cream eyeliner duo all for about $60. When I've been talking about $1 makeup, $60 for a kit sounds like a fortune, but when you consider the two brushes alone would cost $48, it's an excellent deal! My serious lack of money these days means way less time at Sephora, though, and way more time trying to get the most out of brands like e.l.f.!

My very favorite eyeliner brush in the universe (from Smashbox) is currently being held hostage at a friend's house in Florida despite my desperate pleas for its safe return, so for liner I'm using a cheapie angled brush that I picked up at Wal-Mart or Target for about $3 a few years ago. It's made by a company called Ms. Makeup.

Almost any decent eyeshadow can become an eyeliner with some water and an angled brush. Before I became addicted to cream eyeliners, black shadow applied wet was the only thing I would use!

One other thing I wanted to mention about the quads I've been reviewing, while we're taking this lovely break from staring at countless photos pf my eyeballs (even I'm a little creeped out by them at this point.). One thing I'm REALLY impressed by is that as far as I can tell, none of the colors in the quads are duplicates. I have 14 quads, which is 56 different colors. I would not have been at all surprised if there was some overlapping with the colors included, but there's not! For instance, although there are several different off-white colors, none of them are exactly alike. One quad will have a matte white, one has a shimmery white, one has a glittery white, one has ivory, one has champagne, etc. Even the blacks are different- there's a matte black, a shimmery black, a not-that-dark black, etc. SO impressed by this! I really hope they release more of these quads soon, because I am kind of in love with them, and there are only 3 more colors I don't have yet. (I have no idea why I didn't just buy those with this order! An extra $1.50 would not have killed me!)

Finally, since there's so much e.l.f. talk here lately (and more to come!) I have to say my #1 piece of advice when ordering from them is to wait for sales. They almost always have a promotion of free shipping with orders over $20 or $25, and that's great, but if you watch and wait, you can get some really great deals. 50% off all eye makeup was awesome, and right now they have 50% off their mineral line. I've heard that last July they had a 60% off everything sale. Sometimes they have sales where you get a bunch of free products with orders over a certain amount (like 10 free mineral eye shadows with orders over $30 a few months ago.) Waiting sucks, but if you hold out for a sale that applies to the type of products you are drawn to, it's totally worth it! (Did I mention 36 products for $20???)

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