Monday, November 15, 2010

e.l.f. Butternut review and looks

If you love playing makeup, there are few things more exciting than suddenly having a bunch of new colors to experiment with! As I've mentioned, I got a ton of eyeshadow quads from e.l.f. during their 50% off eye makeup sale, so I'll be reviewing them individually and showing some looks you can do with them.

The first one I played with is Butternut:

One thing I've discovered about e.l.f.'s website is that if you click for the enlarged views of the product pictures, you'll get a better idea of what the colors look like than with the smaller versions. If you look at the top right color in these two pictures, I think you can see the larger version shows the actual color more accurately. Here's a photo of my quad:

Fun fact- this eyeshadow is balanced on my cat while I took this picture. He was in my lap.

I think the pictures on the site depict them as way more matte than they are. There are some matte colors in other quads, but not this one- these all have shimmer. (I did get some glitter fallout below my eyes when I applied these, so you may want to save your under-eye concealer or foundation till after applying this so you can clean up the glitter first!)

I did two different eye looks with the quad. They both use the top right color under my eyebrow as a highlight. The first one uses the peachy color on my lid, top right in the crease and bottom right as an eyeliner.

I like these colors for a basic neutral look. The coppery brown color I have in my crease here is especially pretty! For the next look, I used it on my lid and the darkest color in my crease with e.l.f. waterproof eyeliner pen in black:

The darker colors are my favorite part of this quad. I don't think I'll use the lighter ones much- the lightest isn't pigmented enough for me, and I really prefer a whiter highlight color. On the positive side, I think these are colors that pretty much anyone could wear.

Would I buy this quad again? Possibly, the lighter brown alone is worth the dollar. I would probably get a lot of use out of this if I still worked for Disney and could only wear neutral colors. Plus, they're effortless to put together. Thumbs-up for this quad!

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