Monday, November 15, 2010

e.l.f. Glam review and looks

I had to check the website three times to make sure I got the right image. What is that color on the upper right in the official photo??

You guys, I am so sad about this quad! The colors in Glam are gorgeous, and I love wearing pinks. The problem is that other than the black, these aren't pigmented at all. You can load on a pound of that pale pink and it still barely shows up. This is depressing.

First I tried the pale pink on the browbone, medium pink on the lid, dark pink in the crease and black as a liner:

They actually show up better in these photos than under regular light, but I think you can still tell that there isn't a lot of color there. This is with the color PACKED on, too- not just a quick swipe. The dark pink shows up, but nothing compared to what it could, and I don't think you can even tell I have shadow under my eyebrow!

I decided to try it again with a base other than just the primer, so I grabbed my new ivory creme eyeliner, swiped my finger across the pot a few times and applied it in a thin layer from lashes to brow to give the shadow something to stick to. That helped a bit:

Yay, you can SEE the shadows now! I had to REALLY pack them on to get this, though- that's probably about six layers of the light pink piled up.

I wanted to try a darker look, too. This time I used the e.l.f. all over cover stick as a base.

That's the medium pink on top, the dark pink on the lid, black in the crease and lower lash line and e.l.f. waterproof eyeliner pen as liner.

I'm so sad about this! These colors would be AMAZING if they actually went on as they appear in the package! I do like the black for when I want a smoky eye look with a lighter black (yes, that's kind of an oxymoron). If they could reformulate this to be more pigmented, it would probably be my favorite quad, but for now I have to give it a thumbs-down.

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