Tuesday, November 16, 2010

e.l.f. Ivy review and looks

This is another website photo that confuses me. The one on top (the larger version) is pretty accurate, except the top right color is less reddish than it appears there. But that bottom pic- wtf? Light pink? And it makes the dark green look more blueish, compared to the very olivey color it actually is, but I can't fault it too much for that since it shows up kind of blue in my photo, too.

You have a lot of options with this quad, which is awesome. I love light greens, so for the first look I applied the pale green all over, dry above the crease and wet below on the lid, to give a more intense color on the lid. I used the lower right color, a sort of gold with green undertones, on the crease, e.l.f.'s waterproof eyeliner pen in "coffee" as eyeliner and a bit of the upper right brown on the lower lash line.

I'm surprised how green the eyeliner looks here- it's very brown! (Pardon my sloppy liner application, I did this on almost no sleep!) I wish I could have gotten the crease color to show up better, it's very subtle here. I LOVE how the green turned out wet, though! Awesome color.

For the next look, I used a thin application of the pale green above my crease, the gold color applied wet on my lid, the dark green as a liner and the dark brown in the crease.

I am loving this dark green as a liner! The gold-green is such an unusual color, too. Not something I usually wear, but fun to play with!

Next I applied the dark green wet all over my lid. I decided to cheat a little and use a matte white that wasn't from the quad above the crease because I was bored of using the pale green in every look. I applied a thin stripe of the dark brown in my crease with an angled eyeliner brush and used e.l.f.'s black cream eyeliner to finish it off.

The dark brown shows up so much nicer wet! I really like these two colors together. I really prefer the green as a liner, though. On me, it's too dark for all over the lid. I should try flip-flopping this, with the brown on the lid and green in the crease.

I'm giving this quad a thumbs-up! Each color in it can be used a lot of different ways- I'm sure I could have come up with several more looks using just these four colors, but I thought three was enough for one post. I would recommend using these colors wet, it makes them much richer!


Naima said...

I've been reading you ELF reviews and maybe I missed it, but what kind of brushes are you using for your shadow application? Fancy ones? Cheapies? I recently bought the ELF "Luxe" quad at Target. The thing I like the most about the quads is there is that teeny tiny mirror under the sponge stick. I was all, "BONUS!"

Crystal said...

I love the tiny mirror, too! I've mostly been using elf's eyeshadow brush on these, with an angled brush that I got at Target (I think) for like $3 for the eyeliner. Sometimes I use my fancy schmancy crease brush from Smashboxbecause it is magical32222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222rt5t5t5t5t5t5t5t5t5t5t5t5t5t5t5t5t5t5t5t5t5t5t5t5t5t5t5t5t5t5t5t5t5t5! (extra letters and numbers were just provided by my cat, who seemed to really think you needed to know those things.)