Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Halloween Happenings

So, how was your Halloween? No, I actually want to know. Link me to some blog posts, people, this work I'm supposed to be doing isn't going to procrastinate itself!

I set off for my local grocery store on Halloween morning to procure some candy. I don't know about you guys, but if I buy it before the actual day, it will be GONE. Of course, being me, when I got there I realized that I had forgotten my debit card and I had a whole $5 in cash. I had also planned to get one of the cute little pie pumpkins that I remembered seeing advertised for 69 cents, so my shopping was going to take some serious strategic planning! I found some bags of candy that were 2 for $5 (mini Hershey's bars and Reese's cups. Always buy stuff that you will enjoy the leftovers of!) I knew I still had about $1.20 on the gift card that Macaroni/Wanchai sent me with the meal kits, so I figured I could use that on the pumpkin and my cash on the candy. HA! See, debit card, I don't need you!

I got to the register, only to find my LEAST FAVORITE cashier working. I have literally gotten into a standoff over a price with this chick before. And another time she called my outfit "skimpy." I couldn't help but giggle when I saw she was dressed as... a witch. HA! I asked if I could pay for the pumpkin separately, so she rang up the candy and I haded over my $5 plus some change dug from the dark corners of my purse. Then she rang up the pumpkin, and the display showed something like $11.39.

"Um..." I laughed, "I don't think that's right!" I pointed to the insane total.

"You don't think $2.99/lb is right?"

"The sign says 69 cents."

Luckily, before she could debate with me again, the cashier behind me piped up and said they were in fact 69 cents... a pound. So my cute little pumpkin was $2.68 instead. Not as crazy as eleven bucks, but if I had known that I would have just spent the $5 on a full sized one! So then I got to go through the indignity of asking her to charge $1.20 on my gift card while I dug enough change to cover the rest out of my purse.


My lil' Edge pumpkin turned out pretty cute, though:

His design was inspired by lil' Edge from the Achtoon Baby cartoons:

He makes me happy.

I didn't dress up, but I did do some awesome Halloween-inspired eye makeup for the occasion!

That's Cloud Coverage from Glamour Doll Eyes on the browbone, Shamrock from GDE on the lower lash line, Ectoplasma from Detrivore Cosmetics on the lid and Brine from Detrivore in the crease. Made snazzy with a liquid liner pen from e.l.f. and some silver glitter from aromaleigh cosmetics, which no longer exists. And yes, I can now see that I forgot to line the underside of my left eye with the black. Oops.

I went upstairs about 6:15, just as it was starting to get dark and curled up on the couch with my cat Lily and the U2 360 tour dvd. We ended up only having 4 groups of trick-or-treaters, less than 10 kids total! In past years we had billions! I can't figure it out, the weather was even beautiful this year, not one of those nights you dread as a kid where you end up having to wear a big poofy coat over your carefully planned costume! Is it because I didn't decorate like I have in years past? Because just my mom was here the past two years and she did the lights out/no candy thing? ARE YOU JUST SHUNNING ME, CHILDREN??

Oh well, guess who ended up with a big bowl of chocolate?

I love Halloween.


Andnowlights said...

Your eye makeup looks AMAZING!

Tara V. said...

Our Halloween was eventful to say the least! With 5 kids and then my nanny had her 2 children, it was a handful!

Your make-up looks smokin hot!