Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My Christmas Wishlist, Part 1

You know what I really miss about being a kid? Spending weeks (maybe months) before Christmas compiling everything you could possibly hope or dream for onto a Christmas list for Santa. Since my birthday is exactly two weeks before Christmas, December is the ONE time of year that I ever got stuff, unlike those lucky kids with summer birthdays who had two nice evenly spaced holidays to divide their desires between. I only had one shot, so this was serious business. (Not as bad as my oldest sister, with the December 24th birthday had it, though. Poor kid.)

Anyway, I kind of miss the fun of compiling a good old fashioned Christmas list, so here is a quick (or not so quick, depending on how carried away I get) run down of the things I would like to find under my Christmas tree this year. (BTW, does anyone have any suggestions on how to secure a tree and ornaments when you have FIVE curious cats?)

Benefit Cosmetics Big Beautiful EyesBenefit Cosmetics Big Beautiful Eyes

Benefit Cosmetics Big Beautiful Eyes

Oh, Santa, this isn't even a "want", it is a flat-out NEED. Benefit makes the best eye shadow kit in the history of EVER, and I have gone through two of them. I have been down to just the dark brown in my more recent one for like a YEAR now, and I need a new one to be pretty! Do you know how long I have been single, Santa, or how many cats I am acquiring? Show a girl some love. That concealer is my only hope if this whole waking up after 3 hours of sleep all the time thing is going to continue.

This is the ONLY U2 DVD I don't have yet. And that is really dumb because Vertigo-era Edge is one of my favorites. Plus it was mostly filmed on Bono's birthday, so that's an automatic win. I've been waiting to get it so I can afford the deluxe version. I don't totally know what the difference is, but I think it is pretty obvious that 2 discs of U2 are always better than one!!

Ann Demeulemeester Fall 2008 triple lace boots. These are my holy grail.

As an alternative, I will accept these Pied Piper boots from Anthropologie:
They are only $298, as opposed to the $1500-ish you would pay for the Ann boots on ebay. A steal! Look at the little ruffle and the studs and all the details! LOVE.

I entered a giveaway to win free socks from this company, but I did not win, and now I am sad. I really wanted these socks! I just discovered that Annie's Home is doing a giveaway for two pairs of them, too, though! Maybe I will have better luck!

This shirt from Guess that I tried on back in February! Every time I manage to find it on eBay, it is still like $40. I am so in love with it, though!!

Wild Horses Dress
Wild Horses Dress, Crochet Tall Socks and Joe Lace Up Over the Knee Boots, all from Free People. I know I just blogged about this dress a few days ago, but I am sort of obsessed with this look!

This is already quite long, so I'm going to break it off here and come back soon with Part 2! Apparently I am a girl of many wishes!


Naima said...

Those crochet socks are hella cute.

Crystal said...

I love them peeking out over the top of the boots!