Saturday, November 20, 2010

Stuff I totally Need Saturday #4: Free People

I haven't done a "Stuff I totally Need Saturday" in a while, so I thought I'd see what was new at Free People, my favorite clothing line!

I am so in love with this coat! I love that it kind of looks like you dug it out of an old trunk in the attic. It's just beautiful! If I had a spare $1500 sitting around, this would so be mine.

I love photos of dresses in front of windows. But this is so pretty & feminine! Sad that my boobs would probably never fit in it.
I love this picture because it's the perfect example of the spot-on styling they always have on the site. Those thigh-high socks and necklace are *perfect* with this dress!

I looooove this, and I'm amazed it's only $28! It appeals to my inner bellydancer.

Why is the necklace $28 and the ring is $258? The world may never know. But it is still awesome.

I love this skirt! Especially with that brown belt. I purposely cropped that top pic where I did because the model had creepy knees. Have you ever noticed how freaky model knees are? Look at any runway show.
I looooove the way all of the necklaces in FP's vintage shop are displayed! This makes me want to buy a bunch of picture frames and stick my necklaces in them.

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