Thursday, November 25, 2010

Totally not cliche post idea! NOBODY has ever done this before!

(I was totally not kidding when I said I had my messenger set to display my name and Katie's name like this.)

Ms The Edge: oooh, wanna blog shit we're thankful for?
Ms The Edge: but maybe in slightly better words?
Lady Bobo: Giant tapdancing penguins
Ms The Edge: win!
Lady Bobo: Sure!
Lady Bobo: I'm thankful for youuuuu
Ms The Edge: how many things?
Lady Bobo: 10?
Lady Bobo: -lazy-
Ms The Edge: too easy!
Ms The Edge: one million!
Lady Bobo: 30?
Ms The Edge: 50,000?
Ms The Edge: I want pie.
Ms The Edge: I will be thankful for pie.
Lady Bobo: One google
Lady Bobo: Pie
Lady Bobo: I love pie!
Lady Bobo: I want to have it's babies
Lady Bobo: Its

1. Pie
2. The fact I am not outside in New York in a tiny cheerleader costume freezing in a parade.
3. BonoCat Mewson, who is snuggled up next to me in bed.
4. Coffffffeeeee!
5. Twitter
6. Vogue magazine
7. Eye shadow
8. Taco Bell
9. Harry Potter
10. Nutella
11. my U2 fan friends
12. U2!
13. The fact that I have never heard a Justin Beiber song.
14. My one true love, my cat Tallulah Jane
15. The fact that Bono wears leather pants
16. Live feeds of shows
17. Netflix
19. Wine
20. Digital photography
21. Chocolate creme Oreos
22. Being freakishly flexible
23. Mah KT.

Ms The Edge: my list is pretty highbrow so far
Lady Bobo: I'm thankful for mimosas

24. Cricket, Jasper & Tiger Lily
25. My awesome boobs
26. Facebook
27. Mama Lupe's Salsa
28. Hummus & Pita chips
29. Gossip Girl
30. The fact that the Backstreet Boys and NKOTB are touring together. Even if I don't get to see it, this confirms that the world is a beautiful place.
31. High heels
32. Hats. I love hats!
33. iTunes
34. The parts of my family that I like
35. The fact that as we grow, we can find our own "family".
36. Doctors Without Borders & Amnesty International
37. Gilmore Girls on DVD
38. Redbox
39. The awesome yoga mat I won. Hurry up and get here!
40. Starbucks
41. "The Artitst's Way"
42. The Adventurers Club, even though it isn't around anymore.
43. Epcot Food & Wine festival
44. That Bono & The Edge were just mentioned in the Macy's Parade. My boys are everywhere! And little random mentions make me happy.
45. All the awesome blogs I read.
46. Lady GaGa. Someone needs to wear an outfit made of Kermit dolls, she fills that need for us.
47. That I get to decorate for Christmas soon!
48. Silly holiday traditions
49. The Thanksgiving episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I will totally watch it later.
50. Blog & Twitter followers!

How will you be spending the holiday?


Katie said...

Dude, how did I rank AFTER the fact you've never heard a Justin Bieber song? *shakes head* At least this list turned out better than your "Reasons Katie is Awesome" list. ;)

Katie said...

Also... I guess this means I need to work on my list. I'll post it tomorrow! I promise not to steal too blatantly from yours.