Friday, November 19, 2010

Wee People

I was just working on a blog post of my current favorite items from Free People when I discovered they have a whole new line of children's clothes. Crap, now I have to have babies just so I can buy this stuff.

Wee People Rosie Posie Cardigan
The down side, of course, is that that cardigan is $138, and you know she is going to get grape jelly on it in two hours.

I love this girl's sassyness:
Wee People Damsel In Distress ThermalWee People Minnie Holi HoodieWee People Princess Crown BandanaWee People Dot To Dot Cardi

Amusingly, I sent Katie this picture via IM, and this was her reply:
Ms The Edge: this is obviously my child
Lady Bobo: the sass makes it clear

This was without her seeing my "sassyness" comment.
And yes, my messenger is set to display our names like that. It makes me laugh.

Also, I want this skirt for me:
Wee People Tiny Dancer TutuWee People Tiny Dancer Tutu

SO. Much. Cute!

Wee People Cubby Bear Jacket

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sharoneb said...

Those clothes are too adorable for words! I wouldn't even spend that kind of money on myself, let alone on a kid who will outgrow it in two seconds. ;) I just need to find myself a rich dude who can afford to pay for all these things. :)