Friday, December 31, 2010

1000 Things that Make Me Happy: Part 2!

One of the things on my 101 things in 1001 days list is to list 100 things that make me happy. Sounds easy, right? And it is, once you get started. So I decided to extend it from 100 things to 1000 things, so I can keep it going. Here is the second installment, numbers 101-200! Click here to read part 1!

101. Getting an awesome shirt on sale for just a few dollars
102. Eating the whipped cream from atop a Frappuccino using the straw as a spoon.
103. Body pillows
104. The Drawing Room at the Beach Club Villas
105. ERs! (Disney cast term for "Early release", aka getting off early!)

106. Sugar cubes for tea
107. Driving through the automatic car wash
108. Paid vacation days
109. Hearing your back pop like crazy at the chiropractor.
110. A chai freeze from Anandapur Tea

111. Learning a new song on the guitar
112. Eating fresh baked chocolate chip cookies with milk while they are still warm
113. Chips & Salsa
114. Sitting on a ledge by one of the tanks at The Seas at Epcot and watching fish swim right past me
115. A full notebook of morning pages

116. Sleeping in a hotel on the beach with the window or balcony door open so you can fall asleep to the sound of the waves
117. A really lush, comfy hotel bed
118. Shopping at Sephora. So many pretty colors!
119. Shopping at Lush. Wonderful everything!
120. Researching for and planning vacations

121. Super smooth legs after shaving
122. Flirting
123. Potluck dinners
124. Free pizza delivered to work
125. The "Beauty and the Bees" song that plays inside the Tree of Life

126. A cheese plate with French bread
127. Falling asleep cuddled up with my cat Tallulah
128. Redbox
129. Super-competitive mini golf
130. When my cat Cricket makes clicking noises at bugs. She speaks insect.

131. Knee-high boots
132. Unpacking Christmas decorations and the memories that go with them.
133. When Tallulah lays with her paws curled under, so ladylike and dainty for a ginormous cat.
134. Failblog
135. Sea of Shoes

136. Snow cones
137. Well worn in riding boots
138. Cleaning tack
139. The movie equivalents of comfort food, the ones you know in your sleep.
140. Cherry lemonade

141. Tea and scones at the Grand Floridian with Katie
142. Amusing bathroom wall grafiti
143. Reading in the pool, or just with my feet in the water
144. Taking the boat across Bay Lake
145. Reading Disney trip reports

146. Honeydew
147. Walking in the woods
148. Bringing home lots of extra salsa from Moe's
149. Uploading pics to FB and Flickr from my phone
150. Watching my cats dream

151. Finding seashells on the beach
152. Actually completing NaNoWriMo (Yay, me!)
153. Discovering something you picked up from the clearance rack is even cheaper than you thought when you go to pay!
154. Glittery polish on my toes.
155. Restaurants that let you dance on the tables!

156. Restaurants and bars that sell work by local artists on the walls.
157. When the band dedicates a song to you.
158. Beautiful, brightly-painted Oaxacan wooden animal carvings
159. Experimenting with makeup
160. When inspiration strikes suddenly and you’re so excited to scribble it down!

161. Finding a new blog I love and reading way back in the archives
162. Strong women.
163. The discussion boards at 20sb.
164. Being interviewed.
165. Winning a game of Sudoku on my phone in less than 3 minutes

166. Playing on Polyvore.
167. Really fantastic typos. (I recently called Bono “Bobo” in an IM to Katie. This is his new name.)
168. The little star design when you open a new jar of Nutella
169. A grande Starbucks cafe vanilla frappuccino with lots of whipped cream on top
170. A great night's sleep

171. Winning contests or giveaways
172. My Melodia pants

(Mine are black with a sash, but this was the best pic I could find!)

173. Crazy flavors of vodka (cotton candy flavor, whipped cream flavor, etc.)
174. The fun of trying something new.
175. Totally numb fingertips after practicing guitar.

176. The faces my friend Simon makes when playing guitar.
177. Back massages!
178. Slow dancing
179. Finding more great books than I can carry at the library.
180. Reading over old wishlists in my journal and noticing how many of the items I can check off.

181. Wine tastings.
182. Playing board games.
183. Using all 7 letters in Scrabble!
184. Vogue magazine.
185. The cute face Jasper makes when you tell him he's a good boy.

186. Shoulder rubs at the chiropractor before they snap me back into place.
187. Puck on Glee!
188. Getting handmade cards in the mail.
189. Waking up to find one of more of the cats asleep in bed with me.
190. Thunder

191. Watching lightning streak across the sky
192. Making wishlists
193. Listing things I'm thankful for
194. Finding someone that shares one of my quirks
195. Fellow cat ladies

196. Wearing flowers in my hair
197. Cee Lo Green's "Fuck You" song.
198. The Singin In The Rain/Umbrella combo song they did on Glee. This is huge praise coming from someone whose favorite classic movie is Singin' in the Rain!

199. Vintage beach photos
200. Shoes that look like something other than shoes.
Slingshot Shoes

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