Saturday, December 04, 2010

Come On Baby, Light My Fire!

Slightly more holiday appropriate title: "Oh the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful!"

Horrible pun holiday title: "Chestnuts roasting on an open fire"

I knew I wanted to write a post about the company Eden Fantasys, but I couldn't decide what to write about. If you aren't familiar, it's an online adult store that carries everything from lingerie to bachelorette party favors to...I'm tempted to make some kind of joke about Christmas and toys and packages here, but I just can't think of anything that witty.

Since I'm not exactly brave enough to blog about adult toys (buy me a few shots and we'll talk), I thought I would tell you guys about their awesome candles instead! Men (or ladies): if you are totally stuck for gift ideas for you woman of choice, please step away from anything practical. Yes, I know she has said she could use a new vacuum, but that is not a suitable Christmas gift. If you want something kind of romantic-y without being blatantly "Hello, I would like to get you into bed", these would be a good choice!

(I pretty blatantly stole these images straight from the site, but since I'm writing nice things about them, I doubt they will care much.)

The first candle that caught my interest was this one, which is called Sex Kitten Wicked Wax. It's a soy candle that comes in scents like peach, cherry, chocolate and ha! how appropriate! "sex on the beach" scent. The kind of awesome thing is that it looks like a regular ol' candle- I think you are pretty safe leaving this out when you have company over- and you can use it as a regular candle and probably enjoy it just fine. But it has super secret hidden powers! First, once it gets melty, you can use the wax as a massage oil! Let me tell you that if I came home from work and my man had candles lit and then gave me a massage, he would be scoring all kinds of brownie points! But speaking of brownies- super secret power number two is that it is *edible*. I am pretty sure they don't mean that in the "I work for a major Florida theme park and thus can not afford food any more, so I'm gonna eat this candle" way. Although should the zombie apocalypse break out, it's probably a good idea to have a few edible decorative items on hand just in case, ya know? But yeah- those scents I mentioned earlier? They're not just scents- they're flavors! (I am now wondering if you could mix the chocolate and strawberry candles for chocolate covered strawberry. Also, I am kind of hungry. Wish I had a candle.) These are $14.99 each, which I vote as totally worth it if you get even one good massage out of it.

So you want to step the romance up a notch? Thing that will win you major brownie points #2 is to prepare your parter a bath with (yes, somewhat cheesy) floating candles:

No, you can't eat these (damn) but candlelight reflecting off of water is very pretty. Just be sure to put up any long hair first, or maybe just avoid these all together if you or your girl are especially accident-prone.

Being me, these candles made me think of this:

Wine, TV, bubbles, cigarette, sunglasses- if only poor Bono had candles.

While finding Bono in your bath tub is pretty much the very best thing that can happen to a woman, candles are pretty good, too. You get 6 heart candles for $7.99 or 6 rose candles for $4.99. Bono, of course, is priceless.

If you want to take the bath thing one step further, you can also pick up rose petal soap flakes:

Rose petal soap flakes - Sensual kit
Sadly, it doesn't look like you can eat them.

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