Sunday, December 12, 2010

Get On Your Boots, Yeah!

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Dear Santa,
I have been a very good girl pretty good not so bad delightfully interesting this year. Don't believe everything you may have heard. Anyway, Santa, I need some new boots, because my favorite old ones are looking like this:

I'm not sure if you can tell, Santa, but those boots are literally falling apart. I had a horribly embarassing moment in Jimmy Choo of all places back in February when I took off a boot to try on some heels I could never afford, an little flakes of the faux leather stuff fell off when I removed my boot and got all over the pretty white Jimmy Choo Store floor. Oh Santa, it was bad.

I know you already know that my truest path to happiness is a pair of Fall 2008 Ann Demeulemeester triple lace boots. How unfair is it that Jane from Sea of Shoes and her mom totally have two pairs while I have none? She is already totally adorable with hair that is way cuter than mine, but the boots just tip the scale into the "life is totally unfair" category.

I get that times are tough, Santa, so until either you or I win the lottery, I thought I would offer you a few alternatives:

Chocolat Blu Women's Miah Tall Lace-Up Boot

I discovered that Amazon sells a knock-off by Chocolat Blu, but let's face it, we would both know it wasn't the real thing.

These boots from Saks are pretty darn awesome. (Cole Haan Air Tantivy Tall Boots)

Matiko Women's Cora Knee-High Boot
These Matiko Women's Cora Knee-High Boots could be awesome with the right socks or tights!

Women's Alexander McQueen Stretch Ankle Boots - Black
These Alexander McQueen Stretch Ankle Boots aren't tall, but I can see wearing them with almost anything! And my love for McQueen is undying.

Samanta Women's Viv Boot Knee-High Boot
I think these Samanta Viv Boot Knee-High Boots might be my favorites right now. And they come in 8 different colors!

And one final, totally insane pair I came across in my search:

They're kind of cute in a Rainbow Brite way, but they are also...

...wait for it...

...$849!!! Are you kidding me? I am all for silly shoes, but more of the $30 Target kind, not the two car payments kind!

What are your favorite boots?

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Robin said...

cute boots!
I'm always on the lookout for good boots -never find them. good luck!