Monday, December 20, 2010

Guest post by E!

20-Something Bloggers set up a blog swap, and my partner is E from The Art of Making A Baby, where she is chronicling her quest to become a mom from the very beginning. Here's her post, and be sure to check mine out here!


As the year comes to a close, one is forced to think about their future goals and past achievements. We all have to review how our year has gone and what changes we need to make in the upcoming new year. If you're like almost everyone I know, you like to procrastinate. To put off the inevitable and to ignore the unpleasant. Believe it or not, I'm the kind of person who jumps into battles that most people ignore, goes forward when others step back, gets it done before it's needed to be done. I don't put off things.

So it might come as a surprise to everyone, and especially me, that there's absolutely nothing I've been putting off for as long as I have been postponing having kids.

I absolutely adore children- always have. When I was 10, I would take my 4 year old nephew to his kindergarten in the morning and beg the teacher to let me stay and help her take care of the kids. Which she would ( who doesn't need help?) and I'd spend my summers playing with little kids instead doing what other normal kids normally do ( whatever it is they do. I was never normal)

So the decision to wait to have kids didn't come out of lack of love for little bastards. I was 18 when I got married and I never felt the need to procreate simply because I was in a stable relationship. I felt that kids need a solid family, one that has gone through years together and that was absolutely 100% ready emotionally and financially to bring that baby to life. So the first 2-3 years were spent just enjoying life with my husband and trying to figure out how to be together. You see, a lot of couples get divorced after the first few years and I see why. The work that goes into being with another person who is completely different from what you are, has different ideas, upbringing, thoughts and is his own person, I mean, that work really takes a toll on some people who might not be willing work on the relationship hard enough.

After the first 3 years, we still didn't feel like time was right. We just didn't feel the need to have a baby. To be honest, at the time I felt shock and fear at an utter thought of being pregnant. Two years later,we moved from Ohio to Florida, opened another business.....and then the economy crashed. We were in no position to have a kid when we were trying to establish a business in a down economy.

So fast forward 8 years from the day we got married, and here we are. Still scared, still trying to figure out how to battle this sucky economic situation, but one thing has changed. We have changed.

In 8 years, we've managed to travel a lot, open 3 business and close 1, move 4 times ( once across the United States), adopt 4 kitties. I got a chance to model in NYC, France and Miami for 2 years. That time apart when I could only come home every other weekend, while living in NYC and working, was very tough on us, but I feel it brought us closer together and was a catalyst to our decision to FINALLY have kids.

We're now in a better place emotionally, we finally feel like we need an extension of ourselves. We can picture that little girl of ours running around our carefully landscaped backyard, with me quickly snapping gorgeous shots of her, and my husband rocking in the hammock laughing at how goofy we both are. I can see us reading little princess stories to her every night as she falls asleep. I can see my husband as a father of our child.

So here we are, at the end of this year, cusp of a new one, ready to plunge into something unknown... Scary and unbelievable rewarding. We have prepared ourselves for our little baby. We have done everything necessary that she/he comes into this word given the best opportunity at having amazing health, sharp brain and good looks. We spent this last year going through tests, and vaccines, and physicals, eating perfectly, reading pre-conception books, and discussing parenting technics- all so that our daughter or son would land in the hands of the best parents she/he could possible have.


Year of 2011- Say hello to a new life!

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