Saturday, December 04, 2010

Stuff I Totally Need Saturday #5 :Etsy Edition

I have been poking around on Etsy a lot over the past few days, and thought I would share some of my finds as this week's Stuff I Totally Need Saturday!

Silkstone Designs is based in Dublin, Ireland, which is also home to some band.

Tiny leaf fine silver necklace
Rose Leaf Leather Wrap Bracelet

Hydrangea Flower Necklace

and my favorite item:

You can have the guitar pick on these leather cuffs customized with whatever you want. I have been pondering which lyric I would get. A few ideas:
"Vision over visibility"
"With or Without You"
(Dear non-U2 fans, that last one was funny, I promise.)

My other favorite shop discovery was The Pendant Emporium:

Vintage Peacock Illustration art pendant (62)
Peacock Feathers photo pendant (61)
Van Gogh's Starry Night art pendant (46)
Paris Blues art pendant (100)
Owl Collage art pendant (118)

I am SO IN LOVE WITH THESE! And they are only $8 each!

handcrafted charm bracelet using guitar picks
This guitar pick bracelet from Transforming Negatives

Silver Peacock Feather Earrings
She is Free
Silver peacock feather earrings and She is Free necklace from Chains of Grace


V said...

Oh I am loving this! Thanks for sharing.... I love love love the owl pendent. Kris and I always say "owl always love you". I want it!!!!!!!!

Crystal said...

Thanks, V! I looove owl necklaces! I may have to do another Etsy round-up soon!